Fiction Books for Sale

Books for sale

Do your bookcases buckle under the weight of your growing book collection? Buy our inventory in Science Fiction & Fantasy with quick free shipping for every used book we have in stock! There is a large selection of exclusive crime and mystery fiction books for sale, rare books out of print for collectors and readers. Shopping online for books from a wide range of fantasy, science fiction, gaming, media, authors, A-Z & more at great prices. Books are listed according to the highest sales estimates as reported in reliable, independent sources.

For cash, buy your books, DVD's, CD's and games online.

Do your bookshelves buckle under the load of your expanding bookstore? We' re all hooked on books. But when it comes to separating the grain from the husk, it can be hard to know what to do with your undesired music.

We' ll do some fast computations to find out if it's something we want and how much your used books are valuable. You are of course not obliged to take one of our specials, but we sincerely do. As soon as you have collected all your new and old fiction books, it is the right moment to submit them to us.

You' ll receive either a Collect+ pickup or a messenger pickup, depending on the volume of your trading, which is charged by default. Any fiction books must be reviewed on arrivals to make sure a few sections are not missed or that overzealous scribbling has destroyed certain pages.

So, while we do not anticipate that the books are flawless, we cannot tolerate those who are hardly in one work. This will free up some room in your house, earn you a little bit of extra cash and get you out of these undesirable fiction books in one slash.

Second Hand Science Fiction & Fantasy Books

Coffedirect Sales Conditions: Sale will run from 30 May to 26 June 2018, 3 pm. Offered only for on-line orders. Only available for select articles. This promotion is not applicable in connection with other discounts or specials. The Oxfam shipping flat rate is 3.95 for all orders placed through Royal Mail, either as a donation or from Oxfam gifts, with the exclusion of bridal gowns and other high value or cumbersome articles for which a compulsory postage fee is charged.

Axfam may terminate this action at any point in the year. Offers are only valid for coffe articles, depending on stock.

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