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This is Pep Talks For Writers, by Grant Faulkner. I' m mainly writing short films and a few stories are in books that are always in print. What's the worst thing about writing historical fiction? Several authors mainly wrote novels for adults before moving on to YA books. In my work I like to work with new and experienced authors on ideas, manuscripts and pitches for novels, non-fiction or TV proposals.

up to 10 novels about authors

Early in the morning, young NYC journalist Alice begins an infatuation with Ezra, a surprise friendly older author; the second, resolutely different section follows Amar, an intricate origin Irrawad who was arrested at Heathrow Airport on his way to Iraq. Delayed selects 10 books about writers.

Accordingly, this is not a shortlist of the ten "best" books about authors, as I don't want to give the feeling of being better than myself, but a shortlist of books about authors who appear on my bookcases at home in Milan - a collection that is as fragmentary and unconventional as the next one.

In fact, for all the women authors who line my home, I couldn't find more than two who had a novel about a writer (Louise Erdrich may be a third, but it's never stated if Riel America's master's essay is nonfiction or nonfiction, so I refused to accept Shadow Tag here).

I do not seem to have books by authors from other sections of the population under-represented below, a lack that they want to fill with new disclosures and suggestions. To a certain degree, I assume you could say that every novel is a writer, that a novel is a kind of index of the writer's awareness; who else could it be more?

But even a verbatim view of the commission makes you think a lot, not least what inspired a writer to focus the Spiegel on her own vocation: you are inspired to type what you know. Or, perhaps you are writing about being a writer to awaken people' s liking - it is not the envyable profession it seems to be.

Then we have perhaps the most tempting motif for a novel about a writer: the possibility of commenting on the fictional world. So to the textbooks in the same order as they are on my shelves:

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