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Belles lettres and novels curated by experienced booksellers. You can browse the best of new fiction, literary fiction and award-winning fiction. You are welcome to our fiction category. Here you will find a large selection of books to pass the time and take you to new worlds. The reading list contains the best fiction books of all time and other book recommendations.

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Belles Lettres covers many different styles, but what they all have in Common is the creative. In this section you will find old sagas and old sagas as well as the latest modern fiction. If you are reading an airy text or looking for an extensive work of literature, select from shorts, graphical books, novel and novel by some of the world's greatest people.

Discover the realms of the imagination and sci-fi books, from Margaret Atwood's dark dystopy The Handmaid's Tale to JK Rowling's beloved Harry Potter game. Find out more about historic real-life fiction books in our range of historic fiction books or let yourself be enchanted by a good lovelornom.

Stay up to date with the latest best-sellers from the world' s best writers.

The 10 best fiction books

Would you like to write a good novel or a good novel? These are my 10 favourite books. I have compiled further special recommended books by categories in supplement to the Top 10 fiction books mentioned above. One or two books in each upper section are shown at the top of each page.

Just click on the below mentioned link to verify it. Or have a look at all the recommended books.

Belles Lettres | Classical Fiction | Short Tales

Genuine illustration works have been specifically ordered to bring the tales to live. There are also nicely styled hardcovers they make the perfect presents for any bookthe. For the complete Folio Fiction books see below. This reprint, which reproduces the nonsearch text, is presented by Hilary Mantel and contains Phiz's phiz.

In this issue, the renowned playwright Dennis Potter presents his work. Petra Börner's enchanting illustration and Susan Cooper's reflective introductory remarks round off this issue. It is a fiction that investigates man's relation to the natural world through a little boy's unanticipated love of the falcon. This gorgeous present is accompanied by a special imprinted transparent protective cover.

New York-based New York based New York based journalist Daniel Mendelsohn presents the first issue of the magazine. The second volume of the award-winning triology, which combines a gripping re-telling of Artus myth with the parallels of an everyday medieval youth, is a milestone in children's literature. The third and last volume of the award-winning triology, which combines a gripping re-telling of Arcurian myth with the parallels of an everyday child in the medieval age, is a milestone in children's literature.

Ian McEwan's first illustration of his work.

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