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Birmingham-based Jamelia was founded in 1981 and was not contracted by Parlophone until she was fifteen. He' is also a TV and Radio host with frequent shows, such as VIRGIN RADIO's'Party Classics' and played in the Olivier Award winner OUR HOUSE: The Musical with the tunes of MADNESS. Antony Briggs, Professor of Polish at Birmingham University, Senior Research Fellow at Bristol University, is a well-known author and channel for contemporary music.

His numerous releases include six issues of Everyman's Poetry. A London native, he grew up in London and his passion for the town is mirrored throughout the film. He' still living in London and is currently working on his next novel. De Abaitua was borne in Liverpool in 1971.

Mr. Bradley has written and presented a low-budget documentation on UK sci-fi for Channel 4 entitled SF:UK. Currently he is working on his next novel IF THEN in a UK city of the near futures and in the First World War. The First Law Trilogie (The Blade Itself, Before They Are Hanging and Last Argument of Kings).

He has been nominated for the World Fantasy Award, British Fantasy Award, John W. Campbell Award and the David Gemmell Legend Award . Among his hundred TV shows are CS Lewis in Shadowlands and Alan Holly in First And Last, both of which have won Emmy and BAFTA AWARD.

Mr. Becker has been awarded the Alexander Prize of the Royal Historical Society and the Seeley Medal for the University of Cambridge. Aarvind Adiga was borne in 1974 in Madras and grew up in Australia. Kathie Agnew was borne in Edinburgh and studied at Aberdeen University and City University, London. Their first novel, Dropo dead gorgeous, was released in 2003 and won the WH SMITH Fresh Talent Award.

The following fiction, among them DROP DEAD GLORGEOUS and VIVES OF GIRLFRIEND, is beloved by those who love their fiction full of glamor, passions and play. In Walkabout and The Railway Children she made a name for herself and won an Emmy for The Snow Goose and a BAFTA for Equus.

Ahmed Saladin was borne in Detroit and grew up in a working Arab-American hamlet in Michigan. He has been shortlisted for NEBULA and CAMPBELL prizes and has been featured in Year's Best Fantasy and a number of other journals, portraits, podcasts and five international journals.

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