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Writers on this list wrote everything from fiction novels to literature that is still revered today. Show full list of authors for Little, Brown Book Group. You can filter by category e.g. fiction or non-fiction or by genre from crime & thriller to autobiographies.

The majority of fiction writers fight for their income from writing, let alone for a living! Do fiction writers condemn themselves to poverty?

Difficulties with the fiction? Authors and Reader Reply | Literature

The Arts Council England has raised the alert for fiction with a story that reveals a breakdown in revenues, progress and prices that has made it impossible for authors to feed themselves by simply posting. General fiction in the UK fell from 216 million in 2010 to 143 million last year, with the UK marked by an increasing trend towards best-selling books, putting the Arts Council's Twitter approach - @ace_national - on Twitter as reader and authors starred down the drum of Armageddon culture.

It may be only 10 more working nights, but the story was enough for the writer Anna Mazzola to tear up the Christmas plans: It may be "disturbing", but the literature consultancy has tried to sound positive: for others, the review only acknowledges what the authors have known for some time:

Scott Pack, a novelist, editor and former Waterstones purchaser, was particularly impressed by the drop in paperbacks from £163 million in 2011 to £120 million the following year, pointing out that "2011 is the year Waterstones ended 3 for 2". Felicity Page says the decrease cannot be attributed to changes in the book industry alone:

For Lagado, the fall in fiction is an unavoidable consequence of the contemporary world:

Belles Lettres & Non-fiction Authors Editor Little, Brown Book Group

A. Culbert is Professor of Management at UCLA Anderson School of Management and has received the American Association of Publishers Best Management Book of the Year and the Harvard Business Review McKinsey Awards. At the moment she is living in a 70s Haus der Zukunft in Athens, GA with her lovely spouse, an adult reading room and a small bay canine.

In Boston, MA, Mitch R. Abblett, a graduate student, is a clinic shrink and clinic principal of Manville University. He is a daycare center for emotionally challenged kids and teenagers with behavioural and educational disabilities. It has a personal medical office and has published on attentiveness, medical work and psychological needs of young people.

Panic and Run were selected for the movie and are in screenplay design, and he recently won the International Thriller Writers' Best Paperback Originals for The Last Minute. 3. This is Jeff living in Texas with his family. Abbott is the writer of over 60 young reader titles, among them the Droon range, which has over 4 copies.

Abbott is a former PR director and former press officer who is living in Central Victoria with her partners. Abraham's shorts were shortlisted for the Nebelpreis and recorded in Gardner Dozois's Year's Best Science Fiction Anthology. In 2000, The Biography (2000) erhielt den South Bank Show Annual Awards for Literature.

There are three kids and she is living with her husbands in London. And Amanda Addison is a writer of both adults' and children's literature. She' a recent alumnus of the Chelsea School of Art. Born and bred in London. Some Kind of Black, his celebrated first novel, won a number of prizes, among them the 1995 Saga Prize and a Betty Trask Award.

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