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Editorial writing is creative journalism. The hard-news format allows the creative authors among us to write articles in an imaginative and convincing way. In contrast to short and precise news articles, feature articles deal with a topic in greater depth and usually in greater length. Reportage is a kind of soft message. Its most important subtypes are news and history of human interest.

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A few contestants may never have posted an entry. You may be passionate about or have worked on this evolution, but when it comes to journalists, you're new to it. Some want to learn more about a topic they don't know anything about or test their writing skills.

Don't worry, or think you'll never make it to the next round of the game. These are some essential hints for those who are new to writing: - But keep in mind: you need an "angle" - a way to concentrate your feature. That' has to be a new and inventive form of writing.

Therefore, an "angle" is important: even if your subject has been dealt with in the past, there is always something new to say. Here you can find last year's feature list. You have at least found an interesting and rewarding part of the game.

Thinking about Feature Writing? Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Wonder what writing features is? Features writing is journalistic creativity. This avoids the hardware newsletter form, which enables the authors among us to create in an imaginative and convincing way. In contrast to brief and pinpoint message items, feature items cover a topic in greater detail and usually in greater length.

Andre Wiesner, Head Tutor of the UCT Feature Writing course, gives you a brief review of what this type of work is. Find out more about this thrilling business and the professionals in it and find out more about the writing creativity you need to create a killing feature story.

I think he was a columnist. Writing features is a field of journalism. When you look at a paper or journal, you will see that it consists of many different types of writing - brief plays, long plays, critiques, opinions and analyses, lists, excerpts, Garfield comics? message stories are an important part of this mixture.

They will keep you informed in a brief, crunchy and factual way and tell you what you need to know. Features article tell you what you want to know. You will be led behind the news and behind the scene and discuss a topic in greater detail and usually in greater length.

Wherever the message narrative provides a snap-shot, the feature is aimed at giving a more complete picture - often an everlasting one that talks to your mind, hearts and minds to give you the feeling that you are exactly where the event is, experience it for yourself and also understand it from a bird's eye perspective.

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