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The FastPencil is a cloud-based publishing platform for self-publishers and professional publishers. If you are a hobbyist, an established author or somewhere in between, you can create, publish and sell your book with FastPencil. Fast pencil The FastPencil is a California-based joint venture for writers and editors. Established in 2007 by Steve Wilson and Michael Ashley, the business was acquired in 2013 by Courier Corporation, an innovating US publisher and contentmanagement group. FastPencil offers writers and editors comprehensive, open media authoring, work flow, marketing and sales software from Courier.

It is a fiercely contested area of the self-publishing industry, and while FastPencil faces strong resistance from similar self-publishing sites such as Amazon's CreateSpace, Lulu, Blurb and Smashwords, it has also created a range of premier content beyond its free base offerings. This is my first goal at FastPencil - much of the way the business sells itself to emerging writers is powered by providing a quick and efficient self-publishing DII opportunity, yet much of what the business actually provides (for writers and publishers of all sizes ) comes to fruition in the field of premier-servicing.

First of all, FastPencil's'About' website: It can take many month and cost more than the majority of publishers expect. No wonder they discourage them. Do not ask anyone for approval to create and distribute your own text! We' ve overcome the barriers of conventional authoring by blending astonishing technological advancements with a cleverly designed on-line work flow system for textbooks and e-books.

Whilst the power of our technologies allows anyone to produce a top of the line publication, our collaborative features make FastPencil the simplest, quickest and most thrilling way to author and release. Whatever kind of books you want to author, you need to get your comments. Writers who have contact with colleagues and colleagues make the typing and processing quicker and simpler.

You can interact with like-minded individuals at every stage of the authoring lifecycle, exchange information, get input from critics and writers, and work with other writers without ever quitting FastPencil. Fast Pencil is software in the cloud, so you don't have to install anything on your computer. It' the quickest and simplest way to create, post and distribute your own book or e-book - anywhere!

Fast Pencil may be a way to quickly and effectively post, but I'm not sure it's the quickest and simplest way to do it. While FastPencil's power lies in providing on-line authoring tools and this combined with the possibility for more than one author or reader to add inputs to the book's creation processes, the FastPencil brings undue limitations.

It is based on the idea of removing complex designs and loading format, which makes the creation of a document appealing and pain-free for non-technical people. But FastPencil registration and use of the FastPencil market place and the base version is free, but serious writers and publishing houses must be willing to free themselves from the limitations of FastPencil as well.

FastPencil is a bit like visiting the Mardi Gras at the end of the road with its noises and its blinking candles. FastPencil allows you to post a work by creating an authors or publishers bankroll. Post with the FastPencil Impressum (trademark and FastPencil registered ISBN); Post with your own Impressum (trademark, logotype, print name, publishers and ISBN block); or with the Wavecrest print of FastPencil.

We refer to the legal notice as "a liaison between the incumbent and our broadcasters and publishers". All books under wraecrest are checked and rated for use in the store placement process. The first of two FastPencil premier authoring packages with pricing from $4499 to $7499 and high-quality creative, promotional and PR work.

I will not examine these packs in great detail for the purpose of this check, as I assume that the vast majority of writers using FastPencil and its write and publish platforms will not choose them. If you consider that these premier bookstore placement bundles are being reviewed and rated, you might think they contain a fundamental correction tool, but you would be mistaken.

It' s this kind of detail that makes me challenge the genuine value of books storage location, considering only the $7499 packet really does include a first-rate coverage designservice. FastPencil's Premiere impression is also described as'world-leading, high selectivity, with an exciting and bestselling series of unique publications.

Some of the top writers include Mercer Mayer, Angela Sage Larsen, L. Douglas Keeney, Guy Gilchrist and Steven Pressfield. Maybe I have a protected read, but I haven't read from any of these people. The FastPencil Premiere Impressum invites editors, publishing houses and independent writers (new writers with more than 10,000 sold books and best-selling writers with more than 100,000 sold books) to get in touch to talk about partners that will enable a quicker, more" and more" persuasive" distribution of license fees.

When Steve Wilson and Michael Ashley started FastPencil in 2007, I assume that their marketeruzzwords must have been "fast and flexible" because these words vibrate in all areas of the market, whether you're investigating the FastPencil base package solutions or those of our premier brand. Selecting the right publishers serving options for any writer today can be complicated and often confusing, and I can't help but get the impression that writers browsing through FastPencil's listings will be a little deprived of rights if they don't already have a lot of books sold under their belts and a fairly large price tag.

So there is the apparent question: What do I get for FREE or for a small initial purchase in my work? Of course, that will depend on how much manual work and assistance you as an editor or writer would like. Not only FastPencil is active in the DIY self-publishing area in order to design and extend premier quality of service.

When you want hand holding, individual advice and assistance, you have to cover the prime cost. Ultimately, the worldwide self-publishing giants Author Solutions have based their impression trademarks on this corporate culture. FastPencil has the right premiums, but tries to offer something other than printing and publication bundles at high-priced rates.

FastPencil - I guess for the vast majority of writers who sign up for an accounts - is actually used like Lulu (or CreateSpace), but it's thought to have just a little more braggadocio and a little more sophisticated use. That' s certainly the true power of FastPencil, along with its collaboration writer's syndicate, which allows several writers to work on a books and help betalers improve a work, but it also makes FastPencil a one-trick fringe despite its unique branding and license path.

This may seem a little hard for a business that has spent the last six years investing heavily in a very mature sofware search and is a big advantage for the writers. A writer can use the application directly as a write utility, as part of the creation lifecycle - just as you can use any text editor - and upload extra pictures without having to deal with fiddly converting or formatting a text for publishing.

However, I would like to emphasize that FastPencil has a lot to do with its programming utilities by pointing to functions such as the'FastPencil Editor' and as an editors, but note that there are no automatic passports or spells here to substitute copy edit. All this is done by the simple, efficient and at the push of a single mouse click, but using ten inner stencils of any bleed sizes.

When you want the true flexibilty FastPencil can provide, it's there, but only in steps that an editor will pay for. Briefly, FastPencil sells and licenses its write and publish engines in 101 different ways with additional premier features that most other full publishers also have.

Let's get down to FastPencil: I like FastPencil because all FastPencil products can be bought separately, which is important in today's self-publishing environment when writers choose a publisher. Fast Pencil offers the three'Olympic Reliables':

The price of this bundle is $999. The' Professional Interior Design Templates' are what is available in the fundamental FastPencil sofware search engines when an autor is converting a design into PDF and e-book-formats. The' Editorial Review' is exactly that - a synopsis of your books projects with proposals from an editors.

This is not a proofreading or editing of your text and is restricted to 25,000 words - at least a third of the length of most commercially published books. FastPencil will register the ISBN number as the originating company. Do you need to refurbish your work before publication? Our Bronze Pack includes one hours of support from a FastPencil Projectmanager.

You will even get one (1) free printed copy of your books and eBooks. Writers should consider the deals based on the coversign. Doesn't mean an whole dance, little bell and whistle booksheat. When you pay $999 for this bundle, you can be sure that FastPencil has taken into account the costs of your free copy.

Please step aside and take a look at FastPencil's extra features. Publishers who want to use FastPencil to post their own imprints, logos and ISBN numbers must register with a Publishersccount. Publishers accounts are for technically experienced pros with their own publishership.

We expect you to create your new Verlagsdruckerei bankroll via our online portal. We take care of authoring, collaboration, processing, templates designing, publication, printing as well as distributing. The Publisher Accounts also allow you to have your own imprprint information and your own logos on the books and covers as well as your own ISBN and metadata.

FastPencil will also extend the versatility of its on-line tool, publishing suite and publishing platform through license agreement. As a result, authors and publishing houses can escape from the firm default usage pattern of the application so that their own edited data can be fully loaded and incorporated into the FastPencil system and broad sales canals.

Authors determine the selling prices and license fees are divided to 80/20% in favor of the authors (by production cost) on the FastPencil market place. As a rule, the broad distributor pays 40% of the bookshop, 5% goes to FastPencil, and the writer gets 20% of the sales prize.

This is 99. For e-books that spills on a retail sales of $9: If you buy base and premier artwork packs ($599-999), you should also consider the following disklaimer (my bold): They can make the title picture, author's picture and idea available. Complete editorial service can be bought at FastPencil, but please be aware that the prices are higher than what an writer can afford with a freelancer.

FastPencil's production cost can be viewed here. Quite honestly, even in view of some of the other points I mentioned above, the production cost alone makes FastPencil unaffordable for most writers dealing with core self-publishing features (unless you do not plan to buy a copy of your eBook or you plan to use FastPencil only for an e-book edition).

Numerous self-publishers and supported publishers are adding printing surcharges - even direct-to-home services such as Lulu and Blurb. FastPencil's printing surcharges are just off the table. It was playing around with their machine for quite a bit and used many off-the-shelf books choices (200-300 page length, softcover, B&W inside plans and order sizes) and I couldn't get a individual books example of any spec to work out less than $9. 20 (with a $1. 40 per unit discount if you order 100 copies).

When a writer wants to resell a copy of his work, for signatures, reviewing, etc., he has the right to use it. I' m expecting this kind of billing for bad service like PublishAmerica or Autor Solutions trademarks, not from a business like FastPencil, with something of genuine value, to provide self-published writers and small publishing houses. FastPencil is, however, completely clear about the information provided to writers and publishing houses.

Maybe the recent acquisition of the business by Courier (a committed publisher ) will help cut some of your overhead. AlmostPencil releases everything on-demand, so you don't have to prepay for your work. If you buy a copy, the selling prices include the additional expenses for your work.

I' ve had few grievances about FastPencil before this check, but I wonder if this has more to do with the fact that FastPencil is not seen as a competition alternative to other businesses than with the presence of a remarkable group of FastPencil writers with a discouraging one.

Regardless of the reasons, printing surcharges are a serious hit against any vendor, no matter how powerful the application is. FastPencil Test Drive for Books release is a little like a free monthly test copy of SuperTech softwares that you can find now. It' great for the first half-minute, but the minute you get into the groove and really begin testing your functions on a serious job, you realize that there are a bunch of gray non-function keys in the APIs.

In a mixture between the initial idea and the attempt to create a high-performance publication system, FastPencil has desperately fell in favour of its own products in order to achieve the overall objective that writers and editors do not want to do without. Instead, FastPencil has received a system that writers and editors can do without, because FastPencil has made sure that its softwares are an answer to all of its problems.

While the back-end editing and converting utilities work very well, they don't have the convenience and ease of use of Caliberor InDesign. FastPencil has by and large failed to reach the goal for both writers and editors. While FastPencil may be an appealing feature for the occasional writer, if he wants to seriously appeal to the experienced writer, he will have to do more when he signs up for the FastPencil system.

Editors already have their own bookmaking, information release and sales softwaresystems, and I assume that they will not be willing to give up significant system integrations as well. FastPencil could certainly be an advantage for small companies that are poorly staffed or understaffed and have a small capital outlay.

Overall, I think FastPencil is an excellent publication search for the right author/publisher customer, but like many corporate vendors, I think it has overestimated the cost of accessing the search engines in a fiercely contested solution-marketplace, certainly based on the entry-level authoring experience. For an area where technology can be developed and expanded very quickly, you need to make sure your key authoring community is on board and growing with you before introducing a variety of costly premier features and alliances.

FastPencil is well advised to engage with Adobe Systems and the recently introduced Creative Cloud for license and solution subscriptions. I would like to subscribe to all FastPencil functions (but it must first be correctly and smoothly incorporated into the publisher's designer software) and then select from an a la carte list of options that I need for my own personal work.

BLUR has been able to incorporate their system with other outside designer softwares; I don't understand why FastPencil can't do the same. Whilst e-books may be a serious choice for an writer at FastPencil, you never think that printing is inactive. - Dump most of your publishers' bundles - you risk looking more and more like an Authors Solutions name.

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