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Writing fashion courses

The fashion journalism course is aimed at beginners and those who want to expand their general knowledge. Fast-paced and exciting, it's hard to get into the world of fashion journalism. Mode Writing & Communications is a short course aimed at training the copywriter or communications manager for the fashion industry. Other remarkable courses and programs: You can learn from leading figures in the fashion industry.

Modejournalismus (online short course)

When " fashion " is a bunch of coffee-bean.... fashion magazines make candy. This fashion magazine course teaches you the fundamentals for starting your fashion writing careers. Complying with your week-long appointments will help you enhance your writing abilities and start developing your own distinctive editorial language.

The fashion-journalistic course is designed for newcomers and those who want to expand their general know-how. of the fashion and style publishers. On-line versus printed. So what makes a good newspaperman? Things to know about fashion news and how to spell them? These are the things every fashion reporter has to perfectionize. Writing features. Candidates for an Online Course at LCD?

With our on-line courses you can enjoy the London College of Fashion all over the globe. Learn online: Ensure that you are available to attend the UK current session in which you are chatting on-line in person. Chats are text and voice/video chats, as well as the ability to "share" your teacher's desk top so he can browse through Web sites, power point presentation and other work.

It may also be necessary to work once a week between meetings. So we have enough free space to allow you to log in to the on-line courseware. If you do not have a UK/EU/EEA Pass, click here" as this is only applicable to courses in the schoolroom.

More information on the demands on the online training system.

Writing & Communication | Seasonal Course

The aim of Fashion Writing & Communication is to educate the copywriter or communication manager for the fashion world. You are able to create all the code of the medium and its many different genres, from advertisement to journalists, from publication to fashion critique, story boards, scripts as well as episodes and episodes of products, to steer further into the present, to handle communication in a fashion house or to work in communication, journals and publication or to create your own biograph.

Included in the syllabus are: modern fashion with multi-disciplinary research in Imagery's psychological, anthropological and sociological research; fashion writing for publishers and fashion companies; strategy development; fashion marketing; fashion marketing; fashion directing and copy writing; electronic communication and blogs. This course also includes: a trip to the Gucci Garden or Ferragamo Museum, an internatonal talk by a fashion professional, a face-to-face workshop and an one-on-one conversation with a head of the course to evaluate your skills and other options for continuing your studies.

This course is an outstanding introduction to the fashion industry, a course of studies that can be continued with the 4-year Bachelor's degree programmes Fashion Marketing & Communications or Fashion Art Direction or the 9-month Master's degree programmes Fashion Marketing & Communications or Creative Direction.

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