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If you write a fantasy series, it's easy to fall into familiar clich├ęs. Imagination writing ideas and inspiration are everywhere - until you want them. Writers of fantasy come up with ideas everywhere. In National Geographic, you can see an article about a desert region that gives you an idea for a fantasy planet. The Quick Story Ideas For writing challenges, inspiration and boredom.


Nicole Peeler was asked to join us in sharing her thoughts on fantasy writing. Dr. Peeler is the creator of the Jane Tru line of city fantasy stories, among them Tempest Rising, Track the Tempest and Tempest's Legacy. Instructed in Popular Film at Seton Hill's MFA Program. Q: How would you describe the category of city fantasy movies?

But the great thing about city fantasy is that it is really a "create-your-own-genre". Blend it all together and you get my Jane Trusex. F: When you write about mythological beings like self-kies or a vampire, how much research do you do on the kind of folk music that surrounds them? What freedom do you experience in your fantasy writing to change or supplement folk tradition?

F: What are some of the keys to fantasy writing success? One of the most important keys to writing great fantasies is never to overlook the fact that you write primarily tales about you. However fantastic you become, you must roote your tales in the feelings - the wishes, anxieties and driving forces that we all part.

F: What are some frequent traps that can result in really poor fantasy writing? When I turn on a fantasy notebook, I turn off every book: the point where something happens that is so incredible that I can't get over it. As in any kind of music, fantasy must make good reasonably sound practice, even if your reasoning uses "rules" other than ours.

F: You are teaching at the Seton Hill MFA programme, which specialises in folkiction. What is your view of the handicraft of writing folk literature differently from writing literature? However, this is more appropriate for an essay in magazine length than for an interviewer, so I won't answer those questions here.

In my opinion, one could say that popular fantasy and fictional literature lie on a broad range, with popular literature placing more value on narrating a stirring good tale, while fictional literature places more value on bringing the readers into contact with the ideas embedded in the text. This does not mean that popular literature cannot be thought-provoking, or that fictional literature cannot be fun.

So, when I am writing a textbook, my final aim is to tell a tale that captures the readers. All I like better than to hear: "Your little notebook kept me up all sleep! "Yes, I have provided my textbooks with ideas that are important to me, but spreading my soft skills is not my first concern in my Jane Tru work.

F: The discerning perception of Jonathan Fransen's novel Liberom has triggered a literature discussion about whether novelism by woman and novel in certain categories are routine ly underestimated by the literature community. Yet still, more and more often than not, there is nothing better than the "genre" that used to be known as "female fiction".

But as someone who crosses this line between the academy and the famous fictional realm, I would say that the literature is often the one that is not there. One of the most important thing is that folks do some astonishing things in the field of public invention, and some modern authors of inventions should reconsider the use of story telling (or the absence thereof) in their generation.

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