Fantasy Story Plot Ideas

Imaginative Story Plot Ideas

Has your action got stuck, or don't you want to get stuck? Grab plot ideas for Tolkien-esque or Dungeons & Dragons types of fantasy worlds. Here are some ideas for stories I have. Commonly found in fantasy and science fiction novels. The story begins with an exposition in advance and then leads into a long ascending plot.


I went to the column "Plot Devices: This is" Help for your Yarn" by Edward J. Wood, who mainly deals with three resources for plot ideas: There are 36 dramatic situations by George Polti, Plotto by William Wallace Cook and Wycliffe A. Hill's Plot Genie Theme. Although I sang the praise of Lester Dent's Pulp Paper Master Fiction Plot and even taught a four-week online Pulp Fiction workshops, I also cautioned against the phrase, too much "structure" and so on.

So, what can we get out of coincidentally created story ideas? They ask: Why shuffle numbers and ready-made list? Since your fantasy will suggest the same weary old ideas that have already been driven to their deaths by innumerable other authors, Hill suggests. Haphazardly selecting items will take you out of your confined imaginations and give you a direction and combination that would otherwise never budge.

This doesn't mean that there is a limit to my imaginations, but it might make you believe that I have a playlist of "go to" ideas. When those chance engines can include some ideas and combos in this listing..... why not? Obviously, we are living in the age of the web now, so I would never stop you from purchasing a novel - and all three titles described in this post are now on my Amazon wish lists - I'm looking for quicker, simpler resources for accidental plot/story ideas. has all kinds of practical on-line utilities, even though I found it had little variation, especially in the way it described the people. However, these requests give you a great deal of freedom of movement, so that you can use some fundamental concept like e.g:

It all starts in a wilderness. It' a story about obstinacy. I' had some laughs with another UK-based plot generator that can make you genre-specific. Also this one is suffering from a certain amount of confusion, but here is a chance sci-fi story she made for me, complete with a title: A group of extraterrestrials are heading for a far away spot after they leave the vast Dune world.

A cold old man, known as Sally Gobble, and her guardian Sally Jolie flee the realm in terror. They' re going to Amsterdam to the Jupiter world. And Jolie uses her sun bucket to protect Sally. Sally Jolie and Jolie and Sally the ogres decides it's decided that it's best to get out of Jupiter and take a missile to make their way out.

The goblin attacks Jolie and the goblin takes the old man prisoner and brings him back to Amsterdam. As Jolie has to struggle to rescue Orég Sally, but if she inadvertently digs up a bay tea pot, the whole futures of the vast, sunlit planet are at risk. They all seem to be starting their sci-fi plans with this Star Wars tribute, and in fact this is less of a story creator than a kind of on-line maggotlib.

I' m not gonna make a story about a planetary named Dune. Seventh Sanctum's story generator is also enjoyable and simple to use. It' about a sound company officer who was once wedded to a gangster. This story ends with an engagement. No! And, last ly, Poets & Writers has its own section on prompting, which they relativize in a way that I find useful and positive:

It is always the same council we get from agencies, journalists and authors: concentrate on your work. Here can help you to write creatively. Prompt authoring offers novelists a place to start, an introduction to their work. In some cases, a useful design of a story or poetry can be the outcome of written instructions and exercise.

However, having to create ideas, being urged in a way you wouldn't normally go when you write, and just put a note on the table is often enough to give this critical amount of arousal. It' not about "A clumsy lady stealing a cloth by locating a beast under the bed" (courtesy of Really Random Plot-o-Tron) becoming the next bestseller internationally, but then..... who says so?

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