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Discussions. Explore a world of magical creatures in Fantasy Forest Story. Pages in category "Fantasy short stories". Explore a world of magical creatures in Fantasy Forest Story. A wolf tells its side of the story about the three pigs!


Fantasy Forest Story is a Storm8 Studios-developed portable app for your iPhone and Android-device. You can download it for free from the Apple App Store and play it on your iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad or Google Play Store and various Android phones. We are working on this for you!

Egg - This page is used to help us find your egg. Pets - This page is used to help us locate pets by model. On this page you will find an overview of all upcoming shows of the months. For assistance or instructions regarding the Fantasy Forest Story Wiki, please go to an administrator's profiles.

You will find all current news, information and news on August 2018.

History of Fantasy Forest

Explore a universe of magic in Fantasy Forest Story. Grow NEW pets and create gorgeous kittens like the famous Crystal Unicorn! Will you unveil the mystery of raising the mythical cattle? - Vie for GOOD in competing rankings for the most rare pets and awards! - Use NEW Quick Quest to activate your pets in new tournaments!

  • Breed, fight and gather over 300 rare cats! - Compete with your characters in week-long tournaments to find the best critters! - Feed, breed and develop your pets from lovable infants to fine grown-ups! - Battle your way through more than 9 unknown lands to beat and Unlock new beasts!
  • Enjoy the adorable, original animation of each pet as it walks, feeds, flies and fights! - Extend your islands to save the frost trap and the leopard flash and raise tonnes of new water and flashlife! - Join your mates at World Events to earn great prices both personally and collectively! Fantasy Forest Story - Land Before Dragons is a pure onlinegame.

You must have an enabled computer to be able to play. While Fantasy Forest Story is free to use, you can buy in-app articles with cash. Fantasy Forest Story can also provide links to Facebook and Storm8 has information available through these links.

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