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An imprint for SF, Fantasy, Horror and Crime. Stifi and Fantasy publishing house based in Stafford UK. These are our list of fantasy book publishers. The publishers publish books that deal with fantasy. These are a list of science fiction publishers, science fiction publishers, SF studies, speculative fiction, fantasy literature and related genres.

Thirty sci-fi and fantasy publishers

It can be hard to find a home for your scientific or fantasy novel, especially if you are looking for publishers covering all styles. There is a vast open space for fictional speculation, as long as it is not confused by a confusion of other genre-book. In order to prevent this, the thirty publishers below are looking specifically for histories from the fields of sci-fi and fantasy.

As one of the most productive small publishers, Falstaff published 40 printed and electronic titles in 2017 alone. You' re publishing science fiction, fantasy, nightmare and mystique novels and now have a romantic line named Falstaff Crush. Your submission page describes everything, but here are the basics: Please e-mail them a request and the first three sections of your textbook (in standard manuscript format).

Concurrent submission is welcome. If they do not accept your suggestion, they cannot always respond to posts. However, their response time is usually 45-60 working hours, so if they like your textbook or are able to submit a refusal you don't have to sit around long to heed it. Founded in 2013, they specialize in comic books, and they also release spectacular literature and a little thriller when the atmosphere hits them.

They' re alive on the idea of being outside the pit, so it's a guaranty that the work they release will be unusual and singular. For more information, see the submission page, which occasionally publishes anthology and prize announcements. While you may already know Alex from her beloved science fiction and fantasy story publication, don't underestimate her as a possible home for your novel.

Several of her tracks have received renowned sci-fi prizes such as the Hugo and Nebula Achievements. As Apex concentrates on the obscure side of fairy tales, if you have a fuzzy fairy story, you may not want to put it in here. You have submissions at the beginning of the year and will be publishing 6-10 eBooks and audio book editions during the year.

Review your entry policy for more information on when and how to enter it. Small-beer press is one of the most hot titles in independent sci-fi publishers. You take ledgers, chapterbooks and zip subordinations - so especially if you have something on the short side, these blokes could just be what you are looking for.

Each year they are publishing 6-10 fiction and accept contributions that have not been published at present. Apart from that, their entry rules are quite simple. The Luna Press was created by a lady in 2015, and a fun thing about this publishing house is that some of her works are charitable, so when your work ends here, part of Luna's royalty will be returned to the fellowship.

You have five different quintessential collaborations, among them a series of graphical books and an academy section for scriptwriting about sci-fi/fantasy fi in additon to Luna's own collections of sci-fi and dark-fantasy music. Complete entry information may be good on their entry page, but they are keen to say that they should review and respond to each entry, usually within a period of one months.

The Arkham House publishes his first volume in 1939 after Lovecraft's deaths. You will only be hearing from them if they like your entry, but don't let them stop you from trying. Review your submissions policy, mail your paper to your inbox and keep your thumbs crossed. Not only does chaos publishing:

Established by a developer, Chaosium publishes FP and boardgames as well as literature, which should look as mushy as possible (in a good way). You will receive belletristic entries for books and individual authors' compilations by e-mail with a "backsheet copy " of 75-100 words. Review their submission page for all information.

Best part is that if you don't listen back within 60 working day, they won't be angry if you are sending a follow-up e-mail. Gollancz has been around since 1927, with a programme devoted exclusively to the publication of sci-fi since 1961. Their work ranges from obscure to romantically-spirited novels with a large selection of covers.

If you don't want to enter, please visit their fellowship page to get a pre-release of their upcoming book and rate it for free! For submissions, please keep an eye out on their newsletter page for information on open Deadlines. They' re publishing fictions, shorts, essays and yes, romances.

Their work is "independent of genre", but they have a special preference for spectacular clich├ęs. Floreside has very tight deadlines (e.g. less than a week), so please visit your submit page regularly for up-dates. You will find stringent rules for filing your paper in magazines and scripts so that you can submit your work in a cute package as soon as you make a call.

Rebelion Publishers has three reprints - Solaris, Abaddon and Ravenstone. A further British publishers, Rebellion, began as a game developer before extending into the publication of science fixtures and fantasy stories. In just three years they have released thirty volumes, among them some steamunk volumes in additon to sci-fi. An Abaddon often has open tenders that you can follow via the #opensubs-Day.

The Severed Press mainly released terrible fictions, but their choice of sci-fi literature is quite large. Since 2008 they have written over 600 volumes. The Severed Press likes creatures stuff and army sci-fi, making it the ideal place for anyone who has a novel in which both styles conflict. Verify their entry rules for the full scoop for what they like and how to enter.

Blind-eye Books releases sci-fi and fantasy with characters from lgt. Indeed, if they lack lesbians, females could be exactly what Blind Eye Books is looking for. Your submit page contains directions for submitting electronically and on paper, depending on your preference. There is also a listing of what should not be included in a Blind Eye Books entry so you know what makes the editors reject you immediately.

Coldblood California is a one-man team that specializes in sci-fi, fantasy and hedge tricks from new and aspiring artists. You are looking for general literature for readers in both YA and NA. They do not accept scripts from the author, but are free to submit inquiry notes directly to the publisher.

Futures House releases scientific and fantasy stories for all age groups of readership, from the small and medium-sized to the grown-up. Then review their entry rules and search them at your own authors' meeting to provide your own work. Today World Weaver is one of the most highly active small publishing houses for fantasy, para-normal and scientific film.

Your executive committee consists exclusively of ladies, which proves that we are far from developing a female destroy science fixture because the realm of hedge fund speculation was so empty. Weaver is looking for independent textbooks or trilogy, but if it is a set of textbooks, they ask you to submit only the first one.

You have a detailled registration page and a FAQ so it's simple to know what to do when you submit. Included in TCK Publishings are all kinds of fictions, such as fantasy, sci-fi, thrillers, adventures and esoteric. It publishes in printed, eBook and sound format and sells its products on an international scale. Talos, an impressum of Skyhorse Publishers, released his first volume in 2014.

Your entry rules are a little unique: Talos wants the default before you submit it: a questioning note, a summary, the first few sections and the author's biography. Be willing, however, to submit a marketing review, too, including your own research on competition work. The Eraserhead Press releases up to 100,000 words of strange, fantastic bizarro fantasy-fictions.

The Eraserhead Press has long open deadlines (the next is from April 1st to June 30th), so you have enough free space to burnish and refine your own God's Mean Older Brother according to their rules. Opened on 11.11.11, it is a YA and mid-range publishing house for many different types of fictions, mainly sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal/supernatural and fairy tales.

Several of her works can be found in schools and all are to be found in large distributors such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Please review the entry policy to make sure you send everything. You also want a listing of comparing ledgers from the last 5 years and how you think yours out.

The Grimbold Book company only produces a few titles a year, but they are devoted to the search for the best of the best. So, if you like an ivy league team to do your job, look at these people. You don't post super-long things, so make sure you have an amendment or amendment. They also want the entries to have very specific titles, so make sure your entry meets their policies before submitting them.

It is his quest to produce nice and meticulously crafted textbooks that he would like to have on his own shelves. Eibonval's cover is particularly complicated and fascinating for the small publishers. They can find more information about who they represent on their blogs or browse through their available resources.

When you agree (or want!) with the smallest of the small balers, look at Eibonvales submission page and down laod the rules. ENSCLEVE is a publishing house for science fiction and fantasy. Of course, intellectual waging war is a large part of what they release. Featuring the most cool and sorted covers of all the publishers on this listing, Montag is definitely one to keep an eye on.

Her tagline is "Books Word Burning", so it's a sure bet that between the pages of every Monday's press volume there' s a fairly innovative fictionalism. Review Monday's entry guidance for general entry information, or browse through their call page to enter their stories ethologies. He has published novels for kids and YA in the categories sci-fi, fantasy and mysty with sometimes graphical novels.

You love to read figurines from different civilizations and spheres of your lives. For a storybook about a speaking wolf, please click here. You will receive the entries twice a year within 45 days. Please refer to the submission page for detailed information. The Mirror World releases what they call "escapism for all ages".

" You' ll enjoy a book with science or magic features (double points if they include a romance bow or an adventure!). Your registration page has a lovely listing of doses and don'ts for their special tastes along with some practical YouTube video they've made to help perfection your registration (everywhere).

Parvus has since 2016 produced more than 10,000 of his works and has published 5 or more volumes per year. They are a primary distributor, but they still sell to the same businesses. They also use the same staff to promote as printed media. While your book is in E-format, the cooperation with a first publishing house is usually faster and less complicated.

Parvus' quest is to release fantasy and science fiction novels that will obsess the world. They can find their complete submission requests on their submission page. This is what Tachyon Publications refers to as a storyline for the publishers because they miss their deadline and then go back and redo it. One of her novels, The Overneath by Peter S. Beagle, was a Locus Award finisher in 2017.

You are publishing printed and eBooks. They can find more information on their submission page, but at the moment Tachyon does not accept entries directly from writers. With over 250 published works, Night Shade, which has been around for over two centuries, has taken its publication very seriously. They make it a top of their list to promote new vocals in the field and new fictions, both as novel publishers and as collectors of shorts for their initial Eclipse family.

You will not accept unsolicited entries, but an agent can submit work through their entry managers. Headquartered in the UK, the company has been in existence since 1999 and has released over 400 publications since then. Many of them like to sell autographed, bound issues of their work. The authors are publishing novel, short stories, volumes of stories and even volumes of poems, all of which are founded on notionalism.

In your application policy, the first piece of guidance is to always write a covering note in which you present your work before you attach your work. Inks Smith is a publisher of literature, non-fiction and children's literature in all types of speculation and thrillers. Approximately 12-15 titles are published per year, with an annual acceptability of 5%.

The longest deadline for submissions for Ink Smith is from January to the end of July. You can find all application instructions on their website.

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