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British women who specialize in sci-fi and phantasy. Even though other studios will work with sci-fi and phantasy scripts, there aren't many, and many others are active in claiming that they won't do so. This means that you must be all the more professionally trained in your dealings with frahlings.

They are also looking for novel entries. Shorts are of little monetary value to an advertising firm, and publishing houses only run the risks of publishing an anthology if they know that the author's name is being sold, or it is linked to a well-published contest, such as the Nebula Shorts Story Awards.

NOTICE: All mentioned studios are renowned, incumbent studios, which do not charge literacy costs and reclaim their principal commissions as percentage of the book sale of the author they represen-t. Zano Agentur Ltd. A Frahlingur under the direction of John Berlyne Possible others: Abner Stein - represents David Gemmell, but the website does not show any preference, and the agent has no Twitter-preview.

Before that, AM He-Hath advocated spectacular fictions, but it is no longer clear whether they accepted SFF. Worked with the Marsh Agency for alien laws, general and literature belletristics, sci-fi, some non-fiction. Advertising, phantasy and teen literature. E-submission only - read more here:

Fantasy Specialized Agent

Darley Anderson Literson Literature, TV and Film Agency was established in 1988 by former Darley Anderson and is headquartered in London with a local branch in Hay-on-Wye, a city on the border with Wales. Liaison with the APA Talent & Literature Agency in Hollywood. Accept entries for business literature, includes thriller, mystery, crime, fear, imagination, accessible literature, romance drama, endangered girls, legends and stories.

Darley Anderson only accept hard copies for literature. Abi Oliver, Rani Manicka, Chris Mooney, Annie Murray, B A Paris, Lesley Pearse, Lynda Page, Adrian Plass, Sheila Quigley, Carmen Reid, Dave Rudden, Rebecca Shaw Estate, Peter Sheridan, Graeme Sims, Elizabeth Waite, Kate Wild, Ahmet Zappa.

Established in 1988.

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