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Allow me to make things easier for you if you are an aspiring SciFi/Fantasy author. Liaison with the APA Talent & Literary Agency in Hollywood. They are currently looking for requests and submissions from fantasy authors.

5. Frahlingen Metaphysical Fantasy

Each frahling is different. It' s a bit of an annoyance, I know, and it means you have to take a slightly different view on each one, but unfortunately there is no default prof. for agents. You do not even provide the writer with a default one. A number of agents will only want to speak to you if you have two publishing houses making you an estimate, and you need someone to conduct an online sale and a bidder-wars.

Makes their 15% slice of what deals are settled and then you never again heed them. But other agents will look at your work and, if they take you over, pro-actively try to place your work and resell it to a publishing house. Now, you can get off to a much harder position than with the Writers' & Artists' Yearbook (see the link'UK publishers and agents' in the right-hand side of this page), which shows all literary agents in the UK and what they are.

It' ll also tell you how best to contact these agents, but I would always suggest going to the agent's website to review their submissions policies. Allow me to make things easier for you if you are an upcoming SciFi/Fantasy writer. There' s only a handful of literary agents in the UK for SciFi/Fantasy, so if you don't achieve anything with them, it will be hard.

However, let us say that you have found some that will look accessible and now be sending stuff. Recollect, these media are getting about 100 new scripts a week new ( "far more than they have gotten into reading "), so how are you going to make sure your stuff gets to the top of their mud-deck or out?

When your filing isn't enough, the secret service won't even be able to get down and study your script to find out it's great, will it? If you have won (or been short-listed for) any literary contests, if you have any ISBNs or other publication on your name (magazine article, etc.), if you have your materials on line and have a huge on-line audience, if you have ever written them yourself and have good ratings, that an incumbent writer allows you to cite them as confirmation of your letter, if you have a literary qualification, if you are semi-famous for anything other than literary work, etc., etc...

It is simpler, as proposed above, if an already known writer gives you a quotation that you can use as a recommendation or citation. Indeed, well-known writers are often more accessible than agents and publishing houses. If you can't get anywhere with the British agents, don't leave the US out.

You can also publish them (see my other pages under'author's notes').

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