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27 fantasy book series to reading

Fantasy-books take us out of our daily lives and into magic worlds full of opportunities and wonders. What better than a ledger to help you get away? A whole show. These are a comprehensive listing of fantasy books that will keep you on the site for years.

There is no way that a single listing could contain the richness of fantasy shows that can be found on the shelf today. The Caraval range by Stephanie Garber is magical. Caraval, the first one, follows two nurses, Scarlett and Tella. Legendary, the second volume in the show, is about to be published - this year with a focus on Tella as she takes part in another treacherous caravan.

Although only on its second tranche, a third volume entitled Finale is scheduled to be published in 2019, and is sure that more witchcraft, romanticism and intrigues that the show is known for. Although all five books in the cycle take place in the fictitious realm of lyre, they can be reread in any order.

Princess Alethia in Shadow Magick, who is abducted on her twentieth anniversary and must rely on magical powers to rescue her empire, to Eleret in The Raven Ring, the brave little gal who must journey through perilous countries to recapture her deceased mother's world. Wrede, an experienced fantasy author, has authored many books and four other serials, among them Die Zauberwald-Chroniken.

Kurtz' historic fantasy show takes place in the country of Gwynedd, a mediaeval empire similar to the British Isles of the twelfth centuary, with a mighty Holy Church and a ruling rulers of noble rule governed by a genetic tyranny. Gwynedd's populations include both human beings and Deryni, a breed of human beings with innate mental and magic skills that have been avoided and pursued for hundreds of years.

If a dumb lady awakes without a name or a remembrance, she is anxious to find her past.... but the outside wall becomes a danger. Thus their voyage begins in the midst of a fantasy universe founded on legends and myths from Ireland, where lethal beings wander around and magic beings can help or hurt.

You want some more fantasy books? I' d also like to receive the Early Bird Books email newsletters with great offers for e-books. He has risen in the realm from being the daugther of a businessman to an apprenticeship in the glassmakers' guild. This five-volume historic fantasy franchise confronts her with constant challenge while defending herself and her fellow human beings.

Hambly's shadowy fantasy stories tell a tale of the warfare and witches of Sun Wolf and his Lt. Starhawk. Grandmaster of Science Fiction and Fantasy Fritz Leiber is the author of classic swordsmanship and magic. Loveliness and bereavement are playing a big part in the books as the unlikely couple adventures through the countries of Nehwon, hitting magicians, burglars and others who would have nothing dearer than to separate them from everything they own, even their life.

However, Xhea has no magic abilities to guard her, only an ability to see spirits that will get her into difficulty when she possesses a ghost of a young woman who is still living. Radiant, the first novel in an apocalyptic dystopic fantasy triology, will address the Game of Thrones reader who love the intricate, wild Westeros brides.

He has to become the "magician" to rescue this strange new realm and his own. "The eight books in the show put Jon-Tom in touch with a realm of smart beasts. Featuring many remarkable personalities from the past, such as Sir Isaac Newton, King Louis XIV, Ben Franklin and Blackbeard.

However, his discoveries could have catastrophic repercussions for the rest of the empire, for King Louis XIV is searching for the keys to global rule, while his lady tries to stop them underhand. Loved by people of all age, one of the most loved fantasy shows of all times follows the adventure of Harry Potter - a kid who finds out he's a mage.

Inspired by the Epical Lord of the Rings Tricology, a number of contemporary fantasy shows have been made. Loved writer J.R.R. Tolkien designed the globe as a continuation of his 1937 novel The Hobbit, in which Bilbo Baggins finds the One Ring. Westeros is home to George R.R. Martin's extensive fantasy books, while several houses struggle for the right to be seated on the Ferocious Crown.

This incredibly well-liked show currently contains five books, a six of which is highly anticipated by supporters. Kites to courtyard intrigues, familys struggles to bloody deaths, this show and its many personalities have it all. Featuring the lion, witch and dressing room for the first time, this much-loved children's fantasy show follows the Pevensie children's adventure after they have discovered a magic dressing room that brings them to the Narnia country, inhabited by speaking beasts, dryades and other mythical beasts.

During the seven bookseries, at least one of the Pevensie kids is usually present, but the books have not been released in order. It explores the tranquil country of Narnia, how evils were taken to it, and the different character contests to rescue it. When you think that seven books make a long run, then try the 41 Discworld books.

The Terry Pratchett show will take place at Discworld - a shallow disk on the back of four elephant that stand on the back of a huge-turtles. They are full of comedies, inventions and well-realized personalities and sometimes spoof other writers and serials, such as Shakespeare and Beatrix Potter. Not yet completed, this is a fantasy auto biography of Kvothe, an adventure seeker and renowned performer who is said to have murdered a sovereign and begun the ongoing one.

The books are narrated as "oral autobiography" from Kvothe's point of view and contain interaction between him and Chronicler, the writer of his narrative. The name of the Wind in the first volume describes Kvothe's gruesome beginnings - his travelling troop was murdered by the Chandrians - and his resolve to come to university so that he can find out as much as possible about the Chandrians and his reasons for the deaths.

Continuing the quest with The Wise Man's EAR, the third in the show, currently entitled The Doors of Stone, has no date of releas. Mistborn contains two different ranges. Kelsier follows the tale, who is living in a hopelessly desperate environment - where the Skaa have worked miserable and the Lord has the last authority.

You want more fantasy shows? I' d also like to receive the Early Bird Books email newsletters with great offers for e-books. Rigney James Oliver, Jr., who pseudonymously co-authored Robert Jordan, passed away penning the eleventh volume in The Wheel of Time, prompting the publisher to introduce the supporter and writer Brandon Sanderson to end it.

It turned out that the work was far too big to be released as one tape, so there are now 14 in the row. The show takes place in the land of Andor and follows a group in quest of the reborn dragon to help in the battle against the dark one.

Noviks reinterpretation of the Napoleonic Wars with various races of kites used as an aeroplane in the UK defence against their would-be intruder is narrated in a serial of nine books about the Temeraire kite and its indivisible commander William Laurence. Although it's an eventful story, the Temeraire range remains on the historic track for much of its course and will ultimately be extended to include shows in China, South America, Australia and elsewhere.

Obviously, the encircling epics of the show appeal to Lord of the Rings filmmaker Peter Jackson, who bought the moviemovies. At 19, Christopher Paolini became a best-selling writer when Eragon, the first of his range, became an internationally acclaimed fantasy novel. There are four books in the four-book genetic succession that trace the adventure of a teenager, Eragon, and his kite Saphira.

Composing The Dark is Raising Sequence, the five books represent a battle between the light and the dark powers of good and bad - and are inspired by Artus myths and mythologies from the Celts and the Nordic countries. The three Drew kids find an old card in the loft of their Cornwall cottage in the first volume, Over Sea, Under Stone - a card that takes them far beyond their imagination.

You want more fantasy shows? I' d also like to receive the Early Bird Books email newsletters with great offers for e-books. Now, a much-loved TV show, the mage triology follows Quentin Coldwater, a teenage boy who finds he has mystical skills and is enrolled in Brakebills College for Magical Pedagogy. Quentin is a follower of books in the books named "Fillory and Further", which plays an important part in creating a Narnia-like plot that brings the protagonists back into a fantasy state.

The show will take place on the Elder Isles - a mythologic site of pre-Thurian origin, below the Atlantic Ocean. Lyonesse: Suldrun's Garden, the first novel in the show, follows Prince Aillas of Troicinet, who, after his betrayal, must battle his way through the Hybras Islands before claiming his birth right. Daniel Abraham's fantasy novel (also co-author of The Expanse) contains five books, the last of which was published in 2016.

Featuring an epoxy show narrated from different angles (even within chapters) to get you into the characters' heads. This raven quest is made up of four books and follows Blue Sargent, who is the only one in her familiy who is not clairvoyant. Featuring 11 books, the Drenai Story tells the story of the Drenai nation and its protagonists over time.

Legend, the first volume in the show, recounts the history of Dros Delnoch (the fort that protects the heart of the Drenai) and the Nadir who try to penetrate it.

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