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Phantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Illustrated Edition, Deluxe Slipcase Edition & Two Tote Bags. That logo is for my publishing house. We never lose sight of the fact that this is your book. We are a publisher of science fiction and fantasy. Albedo One magazine's book publisher Aeon Press is Ireland's only dedicated editor of science fiction, fantasy and horror.

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You a fantasy writer?" Your fantasy novel can be professional released and sold worldwide in e-book, hardcopy and audio book-format. We' re a small publishing house and we are submitting our fantasy stories to critics like Kirkus, Midwest Book Review, Publishers Weekly, San Francisco Book Review and others.

Once you've evolved your fantasy worlds, led your character through their tough journeys, and solved the challenge you've posed in your storyline, it's getting your book into the reader spot. Today Fantasy is one of the most hot topics in the field of publication. Nearly 5,000 new fantasy books are published every single quarter on Amazon alone, and the sale of fantasy books remains high.

There has never been a better moment to release your fantasy book and begin your writing careers full-time. and create a faithful audience. Let us bring your fantasy book into the canvas! While we are able to release fiction much more quickly than many other conventional publishers, we do not hurry the game.

It is our aim to ensure that your book is the best it can be, and we take the amount of gel you and your novel need to be successful. We' re currently receiving entries for fantasy stories. Fantasy entries must be at least 40,000 words long. Notice: We may also be able to release your short stories (15,000 to 40,000 words), but you will be selling many more volumes and gaining more faithful audiences if you concentrate on composing and releasing your genre's fiction.

There' are a dozen fantasy sub-genres, in additon to many cross-genre possibilities. We' re happy about any fantasy treat you can imagine, but there are some sub-genres we're particularly interested in: fantasy epics are focused on big conflict and often feature many people. They' re complicated, sometimes they span vast geographical areas or several generation of personalities, and although each novel should be satisfactory in itself, it often requires several great books to complete the overall storyline.

Bestsellers of the fantasy franchise are Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien, Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan and A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin. The imagination of young adults is determined by the size of the public for whom it was created and the lifespan of the protagonists (12-18 years or so).

They are about youngsters who need to find their place in the realm, the challenge of learning to find their own magics (or discover that they have no magics in a realm of magic) and the problems of grown-up. Darkfantasy is a mixture of fantasy and ghast.

If a novel contains para-normal activities and magical elements blended with horrors, such as vermin chasing men or fire-breathing infected clones looking for booty, you enter the realms of the night. Featuring awesome subgenres of battle, chivalrous chivalry, royalty and queenhood, mighty wizards and often unbelievable wizards like the dragon and the unicorn. That' is the kind many think of when they think of fantasy: fairies, soldiers, magicians as well as epoxy sequels.

Urbane fantasy happens in the contemporary realm, not in a mythic past or in a totally different fantasy state. Often the protagonists accidentally stumble upon a supernatural encounter and then have to come to terms with discovering this new world....or is part of the supernatural and must try to keep the supernatural hidden from them.

City fantasy often contains aspects of enigma, criminality or romantic. The sub-genre combines fantasy and romanticism to a convincing storyline. Romances between two protagonists (or a romantic triangle) are often the focus of the action, but take place in a fantastical environment full of magical, psychic events and supernormal beings like vermin or vice.

Do you have any question about the publication of your fantasy or sci-fi book with us? Read our publication FAQ or fill in the following page. Please fill out the following enquiry sheet or e-mail us at[email protected] to get in communication with us about the publication of your work.

Remark: We are accepting both spoken and unspoken fantasy book entries. Please fill out the contact sheet below or e-mail us at[email protected] to get in contact with us about the publication of your fantasy work.

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