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Give me your W-W Romcoms, W-W Graphic Novels, W-W Fantasy. Get Epic Fantasy? - Neelson Frahlingur BATUS: I'm still bury under a metric ton of email and so on as I try to get to BEA and New York, because every SF&F journalist I've spoken to said they're open to seeing it. This made me particularly upset when I saw the six-figure bargain on Publishers Lunch for an awesome imagination of an writer we were offering an agent to.

Then, on Monday, I discovered the "major" transaction for a YA fancy, to which I also invited a representative. Let's get back to the imagination. When you' re working on an urbane imagination, you may not be lucky. Each SF&F journalist I chat with in New York was flooded with metropolitan fantasies and, with a few exemptions, did not buy them.

The SF&F writers were suspicious on the good press when it came to looking at sci-fi material, and now it's turning. It was you that was actively looking for it now and since I just put an SF on subordination, I am excited with the pickup it gets.


And for more samples of my #mswl hearts, see: Tales inspired by Beast of Gévaudan, The Wolfman, An American werewolf in London..... or maybe even something that contains parts of the Donner Party. Do you have MG, YA or adults romantic, phantasy, futuristic science -fi, or anything on my #MSWL, come to me tommorrow!

naomislitpix wants to see a #adult #fancy that' s influenced by southasia. When sending this to me, please add #MSWL to the header of my submission page so I can see it immediately! naomislitpix wants to see a #adult #fancy that' s influenced by southasia. All I want is phantasy and sci-fi for grown-ups, about grown-ups, this is not a dark maze of despair and force.

I' m just trying to turn the aesthetic of the best YA fantasy into adult story.

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