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Investigators looking for science fiction and fantasy authors submit.phpScience Fiction, Fantasy, http://www.bradfordlit. com/submission-guidelines/Urban fantasy, Science Fiction, Science Fiction, submit -fiction, Phil (Ginger nimmt E-Mail-Anfragen an : gc@cbltd. com)Science Fiction, D4EO Literary AgencyPam Howellhttp://www. htmlScience Fiction, Science Fiction, Science Fiction, Science Fiction, Science Fiction, Victoria A. Selvaggio "Vicki". Selvaggio. Please einzelne AgentenScience Fiction, Sandra Dijkstra Literary AgencyThao Le htmlScience Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, http://greenburger. com/submissions/Science Fiction, http://greenburger. htmScience Fiction, submitissions. htmScience Fiction, submitission. htmScience Fiction, submission. http://www.tridentmediagroup. htmlScience Fiction, Fantasy, http://www.tridentmediagroup.

Wolf Literary ServicesKirsten Wolfhttp://wolflit. com/submissions/Science Fiction, contentt/submissions. aspScience Fiction, http://www.foundrymedia. com/submissionsScience Fiction, submit Science Fiction, htmlScience Fiction, Fantasy, http://www.jillgrinbergliterary., http://www.jillgrinbergliterary. htmlScience Fiction, http://www.jillgrinbergliterary., http://www.jillgrinbergliterary., Science Fiction, Science Fiction, Science Fiction, Science Fiction, Science Fiction, Science Fiction, Jill Grinberghttp://www.jillgrinbergliterary.. com/Science Fiction, Einreichungsrichtlinien/Science Fiction, John Hawkins & Associates, Inc Moses Cardonahttp://www.jhalit. com/#SubmissionsScience Fiction, http://richardhenshawgroup. phpScience Fiction, Richard Henshaw Group LLCRichard Henshawhttp://richardhenshawgroup. com/submissions/Science Fiction, Linn Prentis LiteraryLeslie Varneyhttps://www.prentisliterary.

submissions/Science Fiction, Frances Collin Literary AgencyFrances Collin htmScience Fiction, submission_guidelinesScience Fiction, Fantasy, http://www.talcottnotch. net/queriesScience Fiction, Fantasy, McGinniss Associates Literary AgencyJames McGinniss phpScience Fiction, Science Fiction, Science Fiction, Science Fiction, Setzen Sie die folgenden Informationen in die Betreffzeile der E-Mail : "Inquiry" followed by the name of the narrative name, gender and the name of the agents you are requesting.

comLiterary Science Fiction, Fox Literary AgencyDiana Foxsubmissions@foxliterary. comYA, Science Fiction, Science Fiction, /submissions/YA, Science Fiction, Dongwon Songkmckean@morhaimliterary. comScience Fiction, Paul Lucassubmissions@janklow. comScience Fiction, fine-tuned iction, fine-tunediction, jeff@jenniferlyonsliteraryagency.

AgencyRachel MarksRachel@rfliterary. comScience Fiction, Rees Literary AgencyRebecca Podosrebecca@reesagency. comYA Science Fiction, Online formYA und Adult Science Fiction, Science Fiction, Speilburg LiteraturagenturAlice Speilburgspeilburgliterary@gmail. comScience Fiction, http://redsofaliterary. com/contact/Science Fiction, _Guidelines. htmlScience Fiction, VeritasMichael Carr shtmlScience Fiction, http://www.deemuraliterary. com/Science Fiction, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, WordWiseDave Fessenden ! submit/c22jjjjScience Fiction, LaunchBooks LiteraturagenturDavid Fugatehttp://launchbooks. com/contact/Science Fiction, "Alle Genres" /Einreichungsrichtlinien/Science Fiction, The Evan Marshall AgencyEvan Marshallhttp://www.

The Martell AgencyAlice Martellhttp://themartellagency. com/submissions/"Alle Genres" The McCarthy Agency, LLCShawna McCarthyMcCarthylit@aol. comScience Fiction, _guidelines. phpScience Fiction, Dunham LiteraryBridget Smith ? how-to-submit,4Science Fiction, InkWell ManagementDavid Hale Smithhttp://www. Hale Smithhttp://www. Fiction, /submissionsScience Fiction, Virginia Kidd Literary AgencyChristine Cohen htmlScience Fiction, Submit a short request via, complete with all information on earlier releases; you can also add the first 5-10 pages of your paper to the text of the e-mail (no attachment please).


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