Fanfiction Reader App

Fan Fiction Reader App

Open Source Android Browser for If an "SD card error" occurs while reading a downloaded story, simply remove it and download it again. You can read stories from FanFiction. net directly on your tray or smartphone.

Intelligent Fanfic Reader is the first universal app for! Open Source Android Browser for

FanFiction Chats on the App Store

With Fanfiction Chats you can enjoy astonishing fictional chats based on actual events. Browse any tale to get pasted to the rim of your fit with exciting twists and turns that will give you goose bumps all the time. This is a new age of storytelling in which two different personalities are at the wheel of a particular state.

Excitement and excitement, typical of conversations, make a great storyline for a great mystery film. - A collection of genre like drama, thrillers, suspense and horror. - With each passing months more and more tales are added. Fan Fiction Chats Indefinite subscription: Fan Fiction Chats can be downloaded for free. You can subscribe to our infinite series.

Abonnements extend themselves after the end of the period, unless they are deactivated in your iTunes accoun. Hint: Fanfiction is one of my favourite sites that I can get on my computer, and it's great to have it on my mobil. The advantage of the app is that I can now almost always use fan fiction, even though I can't use my notebook.

I have found that the application is usually simple to use, although I wish we could sort tales when we accessed an writer and his work. The fontsize is great and simple to use. Now this app is one of my favourites, and I would suggest it to anyone who likes fan fiction to take a look at it.

Frankly, I have the same issue that many people seem to have. If one of my following tales refreshes the app, it crashed and I have to remove and re-install it, which is very upsetting. To be honest, I've had some issues with this app lately, and if it wasn't, it would get a five-star rating.

So, lately, when I've updated the tales I read, it just threw me out. After I have downloaded and logged in, when I login I always see an advertisement for an upgrading to X. I can't wait to do this. Also whenever this happens, I loose a multitude of tales I had on my readinglist, and most of the time I miss favouring or following them, and make them on my readinglist instead, so it's really frustrating losing all of them whenever I get stepped out and have to re-download.

While I like how you can view and down-load almost any storyline in an app to view off-line, there are some seriously irritating issues. FOREVER is taking time to update and I have a tendency to search for what was upgraded first and then to look for it in the app, which makes the app totally inoperable.

It' really impractical, because it pulls down any history I type, even those I look at for two seconds and then start.

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