Famous Writers and their Books

Well-known writers and their books

The Beautiful And Damned' von F. The Confidence-Man' von Herman Melville. Franny and Zooey' by J.D. Salinger.

Their Harry Potter books have been awarded not only for their imagination, but also for their strong prose. Since antiquity India has been celebrated for its art, literature and writing. Bar Harbor retirement home for famous writers (and their muses).

up to 10 books to reading by famous authors, besides their most famous works

Well-known writers are often known for creating this one Iconian novel. Several of them may have only completed one novel, others have not received the same applause from the critics for their other works. Obviously, these books are all classic (and it's a great way to get as many classic books as possible), but it can be discouraging to have a cat from a single writer just to find that they don't have any other books to be added to your TBR stack.

Fortunately, many writers who have written books that have become classic have also written other books. It' s difficult to pursue a work of art, so these books may not have become as famous as their most famous works. That doesn't mean they're not fit to be seen. Many of them have written many works that are often as beautiful as their most beloved one.

It' s a good idea to include some additional readings you may have been missing in high schools, but just because writers aren't immediately known for these works doesn't mean you should jump them over. There are some great books by famous writers to be found here, except for their most famous works:

He is best known for oeuvre the whale-sized book Moby Dick, but Herman Melville was actually an exceedingly amentiferous literate who did umpteen different entirety by hand. Your novel Romola is a good reading for Middlemarch fans: it is a historic novel about Florence during the Renaissance. The most popular work by Jane Austen is definitely pride and prejudice, but her books Emma and Persuasion also get a great deal of lyric.

The Northanger Abbey is a less well-known storyline, but the history of the protagonist Catherine Morland and her passion for drama and drama in Gothenburg is still applicable today. Shelley is known for having written the terrifying Frankenstein, but her fearsome tales never stop here.

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