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The shortest short story in the world is one of his best known: The following is an incomplete list of published short story authors: Brief stories seem to be more popular outside the UK. This short story is one of the most popular prose genres in contemporary literature. Each year, the O Henry Award is presented to the best short stories.

There are eight short story writers you should read now.

It'?s the short story. When you only have thirty moments a days to focus on writing, the short story offers a full, capsuled narration that scratches up your itching. Here are eight suggestions for some of today's most cutting-edge and thrilling short story writers you should try to understand your story in about 3,000 words or less.

Robert Olen Butler's work, the creator of the Pulitzer Prize-winning short story library Good Scent From a Strange Mountain (1992), has been confusing for years. A story to try out: Butler wrote a complete short story in live during a run of 17 webcasting sessions-all available through iTS.

Metler named the real-time composing "an expanded learning moment" to give an idea of the creation underway. He is as much appreciated for his work as a writer of memoirs as he is as a short story-writer. Well-known for what opponents call "dirty realism," Woolf's tales often focus on the youthful manly adventure and the effects of these adventures as his personalities age.

Woolf, perhaps best known for his memoirs This Boy's Live (1989) and the storybook Our Story Begins (2008), has been at the Syracuse University Department for several years with the famous short storyteller Raymond Carver. Woolf's other much praised holdings included 1981's In The Garden of North American Martyrs and 1997's The Night in Question and Other Stories.

A story to try out: Powder, a three-page story in Woolf's The Question of Nights and other stories, is about an alienated dad and kid on a rural trip in the midnight during a snowstorm. Woolf is a classical story based on speech, suggestive visual vocabulary and a simple vocal style. It is suitable for a sincere examination of a tense father-son-relation.

Only very few authors - not to speak of the short story writers - make the nightly TV program roundtable, but the 2006 MacArthur Grant recipient, George Saunders, is one such author who will appear after the release of his 2010 short story compilation The Colbert Report**, The Tenth of December. Saunders, a former technology author, has published absurd, formal tales since the early 1990' dealing with questions of commerce, consumer behavior and American business cultur.

The Tenth of December was shortlisted for the National Book Award 2010 and won the renowned Story Prize this year. A story to try out: The 400-pound CEO is an aberration of the 9-5 bureaucracy tradition - how can you overlook a story with such a name?

This story was initially released in 1994 in Harpers and gathered in the much respected CivilWarLand in Bad Decline. Brooklyn-born author Jennifer Egan is the 2011 Pulitzer Prize winner for her related story library, A visit from the Goon Squad.

Egan's compilation focuses on the ageing manager of the Rockmusik Bernie Salazar and the boyfriends and foes he made during his ascent to the tops of the Rockmusik-Star. Because of the way the work was constructed, some reviewers asked whether it worked as a novel or a coherent group of histories, and Egan himself is still relatively maternal as to whether the 13 parts of the work should be considered as a chapter or a series.

A story to try out: After Robert Olen Butler, Egan used the tag's edge and in May 2012 released the short sci-fi story The Black Box on a number of Twitter post. This story about a soon-to-be spook was twittered by The New Yorker's Twitter for nine consecutive outbursts.

As a teenager child of wonders, Moore won the Seventeen Magazine competition for literature at the young ages of 19. Moorewent studied Arts and Crafts at the College and worked as a legal assistant in Manhattan after graduating, a period that strongly affected her early work. Well-known for her funny shots of apparently everyday life, Moore's big breakthrough came in 1983 with the release of the first Self-Help series, a group of tales that parody other self-help magazines of that period.

Moore has played his part in consolidating her position as one of the most interesting and unexpected short story writers of the present day, a nickname that is also confirmed by the publication of the Bark series in 2014. A story to try out: Moore and his How to Be A Warrior, gathered in Self-Help, is perhaps best known for his step-by-step tutorials on how to become the most fumescent, self-confident and rude author you could ever be.

There is a concise, poetical view of the richness of stereotypes around literature, and so the authors themselves are known to shy away from reciting the play onstage. Based on his own youthful experience as a pop teenage in the mid-1990s, Meno's books and tales are woven with gravelly, realist vocals and character that reflect a place and era in the American Midwest.

Menoýs iconic coming-of-age novel Haarstyles of the Damned was published in 2004 and has since followed with a number of bestsellers, among them the Spring Tales, Daemons (2008) and the novel Marvel and a Wonder (2015). A story to try out: Meno 2005 short story library Bluebirds Used to Croon in The Choir, The Use of Medicine is the heart-rending story of a sibling and a nurse sedating guinea pigs, mouse and other local creatures to stage puppeteering for their mothers after their father's death.

It is a story with a gorgeous poetry and dreamy speech and a profound emotive essence, offering great humour and emotion when the kids find out how to mourn. Diazfirst, a Dominican-American author and MIT lecturer, Diazfirst began publishing his 1995 short story series Drown - an investigation into manhood, immigrants' experiences and growing up for the Yunior characters in New Jersey in the 1980s.

Diaz's second line, This Is How You Loose Her, was launched in 2012. A story to try out: Maybe one of the key tales in Diaz's début How to Date a Brown Girl (Black Girl, White Girl or Halfie) is the most straightforward, funny and emotional view of how Yunior wants to integrate into US civilization while at the same time keeping a link to his dominant origins.

The story, which is presented as a kind of how-to listing for dating, quickly unveils Yunior's vulnerabilities and unease with himself and his adopted country. Jhumpa Lahiri, an Indian-Bengali-American writer, saw no results for years after she began to write. Lahiri is an excellent academic and has some intermediate diplomas in creativity from Boston College, so you can say for sure she knows her trade.

In 1999 Lahiri released her first compilation, The Interpreter of Maladies, which she introduced into the stratosphere of contemporary short story writers, after what she called "hundreds of rejections". Lahiri made her Pulitzer Prize début in 2000 and was named to the National Committee of Arts and Humanities by President Obama in 2010.

A story to try out: Temporary Matter, the haunting opening story to Lahiri's début compilation, shows an intimate portrayal of a couple's attempts to mourn the bereavement of their still-born baby during a four-day power outage at their home. This masterly use of dialog and scenes gives the readers an insight into a relation on the verge of total breakdown and salvation that the spouse and spouse are hoping to find.

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