Famous self Published Books

Well known self-published books

I' ve got two books in circulation as a freelance writer and artist. They' re famous authors who published themselves. When you already have a manuscript, you will learn how to publish a book in India itself. The most famous self-published book ever was Mark Twain's Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. The Self-Publishing Hall of Fame - This book contains the stories of hundreds of famous self-publishers that have led to great success.

Well known self-published writers

WELL KNOWN SELF-PUBLISHED BOOKS: 774 refusals before the sale of his first tale. In 564 he wrote books with fourteen different titles. His best-seller was turned down by 13 operatives and 14 editors when he filed it under a different name, among them Random House, who initially published it.

Throughout his life, Herman Melville's eternal icon Moby Dick sells only 3,715 of them.

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Some self-published playwrights, however, do much more than just get through. Self-editing has proved that many novelists have made a leap forward. A number of novelists earn their livelihood as self-published novelists. Here is a shortlist of ten contributors who have had an extraordinary achievement that began with the self-publication of their first books.

Howey's Wool Trilogy began with a brief history, which he himself published on Amazon. Soon after he expanded the show, he finally bought it for half a million bucks and bought it from Simon and Schuster. And he also divested the movie credits on the show. Coming from Genova itself, Still Alice is published by iUniverse. Rombauer lived half her entire lifetime printing photocopies of her cookery book.

Altogether, the volume has already paid for over 18 million books. The Celestine Prophecy was able to get 100,000 of them out of the boot of his vehicle before it was released on Warner Books. It has since been transformed into a movie, extended by three episodes, and has been on the NYT bestseller lists for 165 short and long time.

Sullivan found an operative when he was writing the Riyriaantasy series but he couldn't find a publishing house. Selling so well, he was noticed by established publishing houses and his next novel was for six characters. Chilton published his 1989 volume "The Wealthy Barber" from his cellar.

This became one of Canada's best-selling books and produced a continuation in 2008. Tucker herself published another successful YA-Fantasy series which gave her enough fans to be able to present her novel Ten Tiny Breaths 2013 to Atria Books.

She published her first eBook, Goddard, on Amazon and became the No. 1 bestseller in the New Adult class. It has written the serial and distributed over 4 million pieces without registering with a conventional publishing house. The first self-released YA author to make over $2 million in eBook purchases alone was Squat.

Probably the best-known self-publication hit novel, EL James' Fifty Shades of Grey began as Twilight fantasy. It was published on fansites and she finally chose to turn it into an inventive sexy trunk. Then she published the first one herself and it started. I' m sure you already know the whole plot.

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