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Well-known science fiction authors

The READ list of famous science fiction authors. ¡Asimov Isaac Asimov was an American author and professor of biochemistry at Boston University, known for his works in science fiction and his popular science books. Who' s the best science fiction writer today? However, what still makes The Brick Moon worth reading is not the scientific vision, but the joyful quirkiness. Now, finally, here are your favorite science fiction and fantasy novels.

The Top 10 Most Influential Science Fiction Authors

It can make a big distinction between the best writers of a given category, my favourite writers of a given category and the most powerful writers of a given one. Whilst any top ten lists like this will be somewhat contentious, here is a listing of writers who have had a great and sustained impact on the science fiction scene.

Adams may be one of the most beloved writers on this mailing and when his works first came out, they were very special. Adam is best known for his groundbreaking Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy film. The works brought a comic and odd (perhaps almost surreal) feature to science fiction, which is still loved by enthusiasts today.

He is the creator of one of the most famous science fiction shows in the world. Ender's Game saga is one of the most beloved book lines of all ages and certainly one of the most beloved of our age. Orson Scott Card is the contemporary vocalist who sets the tone for contemporary science fiction if William Gibson is the daddy of cyber-punk science fiction.

Robert Heinlein was an eminently powerful science fiction author who may have been shadowed by Isaac Asimov in the long run, but Heinlein is known and liked by science fiction enthusiasts. It was a highly acclaimed and contentious film, focusing on "hard" science fiction - science fiction that took its science very seriously.

Winner of four Hugo Awards for his books, he was known as one of "The Big Three of Science Fiction" together with Asimov and Clarke. A highly acclaimed and disputed science fiction author, William Gibson is known as the ancestor of the contemporary "cyber-punk" novel. Whilst there is still a debate between folks and supporters about Gibson's impact on the science fiction scene, there is no question that his signal has been set.

"If he rescued or ruined the entire generation will only show by now. Bradbury is best known for his successful novel "Fahrenheit 451", one of the greatest dystopic science fiction novels of all times, he has written a great deal of science fiction and imagination and has been a great impact on thousand of prospective science fiction writers.

Fahrenheit 451 was not only one of the best science fiction stories of all times, but Something Wicked This Way Comes, Dandelion Wine and The Märtian Chronicles are works that were all astonishing enough to make an author's carreer, and Bradbury was the writer of them all. It' s astonishing that it is only #6, but this is a kind of music that has an astonishing number of behemoths.

Before the Dune serie became a mini-series for the sci-fi canal, this book serie had a large and pious following competing with that of the Lord of the Rings. "This great serial took place over 1,000 years and initially comprised the novel "Dune" and five episodes, although other related stories have since been released by his sibling.

Surprisingly broad, this collection often deals with topics such as people' s lives, evolutions, ecology and the point of convergence between religions, policies and powers. "Dune " is the bestselling sci-fi novel of all times. Arthur C. Clarke is known as one of the "Big Three of Science Fiction" and is known for his Spaces Ulyssesy-novel, especially the novel "2001: A Spaces Odyssey", which became one of the most powerful science fiction novel of all times and was also a very famous film, which helped to put the novel into the mainsteep.

Clarke has several other titles in the range, and is also known for his shorts and his work in promoting aspiring science fiction writers. Mr. Wells is also a long-standing member of the H.G. Wells Association. Perhaps the most famous of "The Big Three of Science Fiction" and one of the most productive authors in science fiction story.

His work has included more than 500 publications and an estimate of over 90,000 covers and cards. His publications include both non-fiction and fiction, with the exception of literature under every section of the deal dealership system. Mostly known as a science and science fiction author, his robot and foundation line is still widely used today and the foundation stone for state-of-the-art science fiction.

Verne's writing made him a science fiction innovator and one of his best writers. He released his first science fiction books at the age of H.G. Wells' invention. "The Journey to the Center of the Earth", "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" and "Around the World in 80 Days" are classic films that have transformed fiction and created the science fiction world.

Before such a large-scale journey was practicable, Verne had written incredible detail about astronautics and subs, and lay the foundations for what was probably the greatest science fiction author of all time. It could be both the best and the most powerful science fiction author of all time. The classical works of H.G. Wells are still widely known.

"Many people consider "The Time Machine" to be the best science fiction novel ever published, and "The War of the Worlds" and "The Invisible Man" are hardly a joke either. More than a hundred years after their creation, these works are still young and powerful enough to be used in Hollywood film.

It was Wells who established the benchmark for everyone else and layed the foundations for science fiction to remain vibrant well into the twentieth and beyond.

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