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Read more about the famous authors of non-fiction books from all over the world. Now let's praise famous men. I' ve left out historians like David McCullough, another one of my favorite writers. I know the best creative non-fiction author is the late Spalding Gray. Who' your favorite nonfiction writer who' s not so famous?

Lists of famous non-fiction authors

Nonfiction authors are those who create fiction and novels on the basis of facts and information from everyday reality, as distinct from fiction. Authors of non-fiction literature deal with a broad spectrum of subjects, which ranges from autobiographies to cookery literature, from story to self-help, from travelling to parenthood. Nonfiction is a story that presents facts and claims that the writer considers objective.

To write exact non-fiction is a highly responsible profession, and non-fiction authors must be concise in their research for the facts. Nonfiction authors give the ability to manipulate their readership with their own interpretations of a true living experience and are often in the middle of controversy.

Paul R. Ehrlich was severely criticised when he published a novel in the 1960' that predicted the demise of humanity due to overcrowding, although his work became extremely well known. The publication of a non-fiction by Jonathan Wells on the subject of evolutions sparked a heated discussion between creationist and evolutionist scholars.

The mere impact of their words gives so much that non-fiction authors can do!

100 Largest Non-Fiction Titles | Literature

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