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Well-known non-fiction books

The world is full of good books and you don't have time to leaf through them all. Nonfiction authors are those who write stories and books based on facts and information from real life, as opposed to fiction. It is the memory of a real and famous geisha named Mineko Miwasaki. Like other renowned awards, not all books receive a non-fiction prize. To win a non-fiction prize is like a seal of approval for your book.

Favourite non-fiction books

"That was the true mystery of the Tarahumara: they had never forgot what it felt like to enjoy walking, they recalled that walking was the first of humanity's arts, our primal act of inspiring all. Long before we scratched images in caverns or beat rythms on empty promontories, we perfected the skill of connecting breathing, spirit and muscle to liquid self-drive over rough ground.

One backslash down, strokes of the ground and the center, the Running Man.

Nine non-fiction books that literally look like fiction.

Sometimes we will acknowledge that non-fiction can be daunting..... However, these particulars do not mean that actual living is not a good tale. If you have some advice for your non-fiction read resolution, here is a listing of some of our favourite stories, with signs, attitudes, and fast-paced actions that make us tend to overlook they are not novel.

It has already been listed, but that's just because it's one of the best samples of non-fiction that makes a novel out of itself. Although his sire became the famous writer of great adventures such as THE Count of Monte Cristo and The Three Musketeers, General Alex Dumas was a captivating personality, and this Pulitzer Prize-winning bio of him deserved a place on the bookshelves right next to these classical novel.

It' a daring tale of a man with larger-than-life achievements and larger-than-life mysteries, whose power and bravery demonstrate that the arts imitate people. In May 1915, as the RMS Lusitania, a luxurious sea steamer, crossed the Atlantic to Liverpool and approached a catastrophe that would transform the way the world was, Erik Larson presented an memorable line-up of personalities and brought new tragedy to a groundbreaking point in time.

Robert K. Massie's intriguing novel revives her through these turns and an extensive casting of personalities, among them Catherine's lover, enemy, family, friend and general, making her back to her legitimate place as one of the greatest and truly prominent women in all time. With this figure as a jumping-off point, he recounts the stories of his own youth - his own lives, his own families, his own town - with his characteristic humour and charms, in a coming-of-age storyline that competes with many fictionites.

The Right Stuff is a seldom find: a history of US symbols, made by an US-label. Tom Wolfe released this gripping storyline about the men of NASA's Mercury Seven crew from practice to the last missions. It is much more than just a history of outer space, it is about fatherhood, familiy, courage and load.

A gripping tale of a female servant called Ona Judge, who becomes the theme of a mass, multistatic man-hunt when she evades the oversight of her proprietor, President George Washington. It' not just a history of origins; it's an amusing game that is sometimes too strange, too fun and too awesome to be real - but it is.

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