Famous Indian Writers and their Books

Well-known Indian writers and their books

A list of famous Indian authors and their books. A list of some important and famous Indian writers and authors with their published book names. A list of the famous Indian writers with their biographies, which contain interesting facts, interesting facts, timeline and life story. A satirical novel by Shashi Tharoor. Now, Indian authors have always been on the world stage, but for the most part they were just a hit-and-miss case.

There are 10 famous Indian writers you need to study.

Since antiquity India has been hailed for its arts, literary and written works. More than twenty Indian and twenty other Indian speaking countries are represented. But Indians are not only proud of the variety of their tongues, they also speak and write Englishs.

From now on, a large number of writers can be included when it comes to Indian literary works, so here is an effort to reduce the number to a mere ten; the Indian writers that need to be recognized and their books that should be studied. Chetan Bhagat was quoted by the New York Times in 2008 as the best-selling Englishlanguage writer in India's story and is an writer, scriptwriter, columnist and TV person.

He' s known for short dramatic dramas about young mid-town Indians. His famous works include Five Point Someone, 2 States, Half Girlfriend and One Indian Girl. From an early age Pritam devoted herself to poesy and writing, which led her to become a writer and writer later in her career.

Suffering from difficult periods during the division of India, she wrote the Punjabi novel "Pinjar" (Skeleton), which described the powerlessness of females during this period and the discriminations they had to go through. She is known for her fiction, essay and story. Nadine holds a master's and bachelor's from Boston University.

A fighting author, her work was first refused by the publishing houses until her greatest achievement, "The Performer of Maladies". It was a collection of all her brief histories about the lives of migrants in India after the partitions. Following her resounding popularity, she has written many more books known on the Indian mainland and around the globe.

The most famous are: The name cousin, the unfamiliar earth and the lowlands. It was a jounalist, writer and writer, a native of Hadli during the period of British India. He has written a number of als Autor schrieb er einige herausragende Romane wie Trains to Pakistan (1956), Delhi : A Novel (1990), The Company of Women (1999), Truth, Love and a Little Malice (2002), The Good, the Bad and the Lidiculous (2013).

Later he completed his studies and chose to become a novelist. Until his third novel "The Darkroom" his first books were not so well-loved. Afterwards Narayan composed many books that were released and soon became a well-known novelist during his years in India. Although Tagore had his legal training, he was very interested in Shakespeare and his work.

A native of Punjab, British Indian, he received his Shimla training and after graduating from high schools he relocated to the UK to improve his schooling. After starting his professional life as a free-lance author, he finally got a job as an editorial journalist. Its best-known work is "Der blaue Umbrella", a heart-warming tale that is widely known.

Arundhati Roy, a author, essays author and politician, is best known for her novel The God of Small Things, which won her the Man Booker Prize for Fiction in 1997. However, his dad was a dreamy author and it was his enthusiasm that motivated Sarat to become a playwright himself.

His first famous essay was written as a teenager. Later he contributed to journals from there. As he was a feministic Chattopadhyay, it seemed imperative to talk about the bigotic and pathriarchal world. American CBE/CSE Code 10 Famous Indian writers you must read[Internet].

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