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great writer and absolute bastard. Originally the'big three' of science fiction were Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac Asimov and Robert Heinlein. Sometimes you find an author whose books you can't stop reading! Belles Lettres is a composition composed of non-factual sequential facts from the author's imagination.

Here Gray introduces five of her favorite amish fiction authors.

Best 10 Modern Fiction Authors

This is the strength of the fiction authors, whose imaginative writings and painstaking approach to the art of storytelling have created the setting for stories. Like Stephen King quotes to the right, "Fiction is a falsehood and a good fiction is the reality in a loseh. "Whether it'?s gruesome, sci-fi, mystery, thrillers, romanticism or fiction - there are celebrities who master a certain category.

Below are the top 10 contemporary fiction writers. He is an Amerindian writer with an outstanding sense of detail and a sure sense of the complexities and tenderness of people. Picocult has authored about 22 books, the last ones are "Lone Wolf" and "Between the Lines".

He made his debut with "Nineteen Minutes", which came first in the New York bestseller ranking, followed by "Change of Heart", which had the same effect on the NYT bestseller-listing. Filled with mysteries, horrors and sci-fi, his book has been released in 38 different tongues and he has so far produced around 400 million of them.

Of the 20 novels he has written, thirteen led the New York bestseller list and made the Pennsylvania author one of the few authors to reach this mile-stone. Not surprisingly, his works are bestsellers in such different nations as Sweden and Japan.

The Innocent is a fascinating and interesting book. One of the world's most popular novelists and a virtuoso storyteller, Ken Follet is known in many lands for his historic stories. Joanne Kathleen Rowling, who inspired the magical tale and psychic forces, is known for her famous phantasy show "Harry Potter".

He has won international acclaim and many renowned prizes for his work. The Potter titles have become the best-selling collection in the world, with more than 400 million units distributed each year. This is Nora Roberts: Nora Roberts, Queen of Romanticism, has authored more than 209 fiction works. Many of her works have received Golden Medallion Award, RITA Award and Quill Award.

Robert's fiction has been on the NYT bestseller lists for 660 week, making him a powerful name in the contemporary fiction writers' world. John, b. 1955, is an US novelist who became a success with some of his best-selling books. He' s authored both fiction and non-fiction, but his dictionary is more likeable.

Several of his leading fiction titles include "The Firm", "The Testament", "The Summons" and "The Rainmaker". Mariam and Laila's intricate story was on the NYT bestseller list for 49 week hard cover fiction and 21 week pocketbook fiction. Pavol Coelho: Who doesn't know the quotations of the famous Paulo Coelho, the astonishing thoughts he presents in his book, and the motivating thoughts he communicates with his supporters.

He also set a Guinness Book History Guinness Book History Guinness Book History Guinness Book History Guinness Book History Guinness World Records, as it was published in 67 different tongues, making Paulo Coelho one of the most famous authors of contemporary fiction. Wrote many good theatre and philosophical works, among them "Brida", "Eleven Minutes", "The Zahir" and "Like The Flowing River".

An unlikely romantic tale between a young man and a woman made the young writer famous among the young family.

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