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Britain, is a brilliant achievement of a writer at the top of his game. I' ve got to find another book of his that I don't like. Britain is home to some of the most important writers in the world. Writing inspired quotes from famous authors. Are you looking for famous quotes?

10 best writers of the last 100 years

Everywhere in the Grand Canons, the highest ranks of Britons are filled with writers. Woolf's ageless work, one of the greatest writers of the modern age, produces a certain clearness that most writers can only hope for. She is a perfect author whose sleek essays and literary-philosophical styles reflect those of great classical writers such as Eliot and Proust, Iris Murdoch's strongly texturized and stratified novelistic research into relations through sex customs, good and bad, and the harmful unconscious egos of the mortal mind that could erect its mind when least expect.

Together with other writers of her family she hugged the Linke, which had an impact on her career as a novelist, as she was denied a US entry permit. She won the 1978 Booker Prize for her perhaps most lasting novel, The Sea, The Sea, a glowing yet subtile narrative of overpowering grudge, jealousy, love and bereavement - topics in Murdoch's writings.

Under the Net, her first novel released in 1998, was selected for the 100 best English books in the Modern Library. As one of the'Angry Young Men' authors of the 1950', Sillitoe is best known for his first novel, the unconventional Sunday Night And Sunday Morning and the filming of Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner.

In the 1960s, a author with the most perfectly imaginative gift - the spirit of the age - waved with his soon-to-be fashionable slang realistic. Braine is also known for his books Room At The Top and The Crying Game. Like Sillitoe, his tremendous influence on modernity is to be found in his writings as well as in the great achievements of the twentieth centuries - cinematography.

A 1959 film adaptation of Room At The Top introduced the book to a broader public. An author of provocative, award-winning works such as Five Finger Exercise, for which he won the prestigious New York Drama Critics Circle Awards for Best Alien Game, it is Equus and Amadeus for whom he will always be known, for both were very succesful, award-winning, contentious pieces that have been turned into just as succesful, award-winning, contentious film.

Delaney, a Salford native of 1938, disappointed her 11 Plus fourfold before becoming the 1960s billboard artist with her 1958 iconic "A taste of honey". Though Delaney didn't know it then, he gave a big, eternal finger to the weary old establislishment of cliques that had dominated UK showbusiness for too long.

He was a talented author whose visions of Salford were as realistic as his creator's amazing ambitions. First an avid bird watcher, Fleming Bond designed as'boring and uninteresting' to be an efficient spies who named him after the US bird watchers James Bond. His first Bond novel, Casino Royale, was regarded with apathy by its later editor.

This was followed by eleven Bond books, and around 100 million have now been distributed around the world. Throughout this period, Fleming developed a much copied typing technique and developed Bond's personality into an unscrupulous, fun-loving superstar who often depended on his relationships with the CIA. However, it was a relation that tended to alter in the later books due to Fleming's increasing disenchantment with America.

1961 the movie was acquired by the producer Harry Salzman and Cubby Broccoli - Dr. No with Sean Connery in the lead role as the first to go into print and launch an enormously lucrative in-dustry. John Anthony Burgess Wilson, John Burgess Wilson was borne in 1917 and began his literary life in the 1950' when he worked with his novel Times for a Tiger for the Colonial Office in Malaya.

Supposedly written'for money' in less than a months and on the basis of his own experience during the Second World War, he brought Burgess into the spotlight of literature and is still one of the most controversial novel. Burgess also claimed, however, that much of the novel was misinterpreted.

In addition to his extensive literature, Burgess was also an experienced componist whose inspirations were Claude Debussy. In the records he is to be seen as a "musician who is writing a novel, and not as a writer who is writing music". A vivid, frank Autobiographie Little Wilson and Big God is a testimony to an outstanding intellectual and one of the most important English writers of the second half of the twentieth c...

The 1954 novel, a satirical revelation of the new academical scene at the college, challenged many of the standards of the day and made its writer a sensation in literature over night. After embracing communism at Oxford, he joined the lefthand side, as his early books show - each of them has an ironical, sour joke and sympathy.

The Amis, who was made a knight in 1990, was undoubtedly an important writer and one of the most important writers of the post-war period. Margaret Drabble, who entered the literature world in 1963 with her novel A Summer Bird Cage, has researched an analogy that depicts today's fast-paced, modern societies, their victories, disasters, heartaches, limitations and financial disasters, mostly through the eyes of a woman. She has to date written 18 novel.

She has also done a number of controversial research on Wordsworth and Hardy. A novelist who thinks the feather is more powerful than the blade, she was vocal in her stance against the 2003 Iraqi invasion and recalled Orwell's warnings of "the rush of power" and "the excitement of winning, the feeling of stamping on a defenseless foe.

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