Famous English Authors and their Books List

Well-known English authors and their book list

All lists from buraktheauthor ". A million unknown stories are waiting to be told in the heat and dust of India. Other great English writers are closely associated with the English literary scene and could have been included on this list if they had been born in England. Her talent for irony and humour makes her novels worth reading. Writer of novels, short stories and plays, Agatha Christie.


Top 20 English Novels by Authors from India

cHow many English books by Hindi authors have you ever studied? The majority of our literary classes focus on foreign authors and some of our curriculum is made up of India as well. The majority of our young generations prefer to have books translated by authors like Paulo Coelho rather than the richness of their own country's literary tradition.

Some of the best books written by authors in India could be a very long list. If you want to make a beginning, however, you should begin by studying these 20 best English books by Hindi authors. Nowadays, English Indic script is a trademark in itself. Native Americans are self-confessed authors of post-colonial music.

These best books by Hindi authors testify to the fact that there is much more to Hindi script than post-colonialism. These books are considered the best books in India because they reflect India's cultural and ethnic heritage in their own way. The list of books in India is very important for any person who wants to describe himself as "well read".

They may be well-trained in English, but they cannot be described as'well read' if you have not been reading these best books by Hindi authors. It' one of the first books to have studied magic reality so well over three centuries. Do we really see the roots of the arts as deeply as we think, or is they just as close as everything else?

It also shows how easy it is for individuals to refuse to adapt to their own cultures. You' ll have to study Amitav Ghosh's'Shadow Lines' for his story as well as his story. It' one of the best post-colonial fiction ever made. The novel shows how Bengal lives with the dueling identity of nicknames and their true name in the background of an immigration experience in America.

I hear St. Mira Bai of India is in lord Krishna's heart. So how difficult was it for an medieval middle-aged middle-aged man to grasp this godly romance? This novel depicts the British leaving India and how it influences the lives of an ordinary Indian. However, the novel also discusses the way in which the British are living in India.

There is little to do with the issue of the diasporas in India, which exist in other lands, especially in Africa. The mythic Indic Draupadi was the one who was burnt out of fire, had 5 spouses and was blamed for most of the devastating battles in India. Suppose the Mahabharat tale was narrated from the perspective of this phenomenon?

It is not just something we are reading about in books. The Hungry Tide' by Amitav Ghosh is a must for them. What is the literal'arrangement' of an Indian arrested family? You have to study an Entire Novel by Vikram Seth in the response to this one.

Mahabharat is the greatest epos ever composed in India. Shashi Tharoor narrates the history of Mahabharat by putting it into the contexts of India's policy and fight for liberty. He is one of the best writers in India who wrote about the great Himalayas and the small villages in them.

One misses a great part of the culture of India's literary life if one does not reread Ruskin Bond's works. Have a look at what the book prize winner Aravinda Adiga has to say about this.

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