Famous Books with their Authors

Well-known books with their authors

The Man Booker Prize winners books and authors. Der Ausverkauf - Paul Betty (Fiction) A short story of the seven murders - Marlon James (Fiction) The narrow path to the deep north - Richard Flanagan (Fiction) The Lights - Eleanor Catton (Fiction) Bring Up the Bodies - Hilary Mantel (Nonfiction) Ten novels and their authors. A bunch of old letters Jawaharlal Nehru. Do you know The Shining and Frankenstein, but do you know the names of the authors behind these classic thrillers? Subsequent authors managed either to attract the attention of the public and critics with their first novels or to arouse admiration later on.

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LIC AAO, etc. many books and authors. Issues related to books and authors are part of the general consciousness department of many state and bank examinations. SSC CGL 2017 also has many books and authors.

The books can be literature, non-fiction, biography, novel, award-winning novel, critical acclaim, etc. However, there is a good chance that if a certain textbook was in the papers, then it could also be in your SSC CGL, CHSL, MTS, etc. test! Here is a listing of important books and authors for 2017.

We' ve subdivided the whole catalogue into literature, non-fiction, biography, novel, award-winning novel, books celebrated by critics, etc. Those books have been in the 2016-17 bulletins for some occasion or another. Please browse the articles to see the most important books and their authors and prepare yourself to resolve all questions about books in the upcoming examinations.

When you are inquisitive about the type of issues raised in earlier SSC CGL, SSC CPO, banking audits, etc. audits. Then click on the links below and load down the list of previously asked authors and their books. Now let's take a look at the important non-fiction books and authors that can be asked in your SSC CGL 2017 examination.

Knowing that non-fiction is a class in which we can study life stories, memoir, self-help books, accounts and stories. A study found that textbook literacy increases your chances of success in all areas. Fictitious books are very favorite with users, so they often make the messages.

Biographical and autobiographical works are a very beautiful mix of fiction and non-fiction, so that they satisfy the needs of all kinds of reader and are a good resource of motivation for the reader, as they get to know the people who have made it great through their work. The Autobiographien are self-written Biographien.

It is also important to have books that have won the Pulitzer Prize, the Man Booker Prize and other awards. There' s a shortlist of them: Hopefully you have received enough information about books and authors. In order to find out the answers to the SSC CGL G.K. examination please click on the following link:

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