Famous Books by Indian Authors

Books by Indian authors

The greatest epic of Indian mythology has been completely revised by Patnaik. In this travelogue about India's famous railways, Monisha Rajesh takes a page from Jules Verne's classic story. These are the greatest Indian novels ever written. Here you can find out about your favourite penguin authors and illustrators. Mahabharat is the greatest Indian epic ever written.

In 2018 7 books by Indian authors to study.

The year 2018 is a great year for Indian script. These hand-picked books by Indian authors include poems, shorts, fiction and anthology. Bombay's first attorney's adventure or learn about a girl who overcomes all adversity as she leaves her past behind in her quest for each other.

Discover the notion of " work " through the votes of 21 northeastern Indian ladies or learn about the story of four immigrants' assembly and racialism. The poem has several nautical motives, places and personalities. Ganga to Marine Drive and Jonah to Captain Ahab, Hoskote uses these scenes and figures to discuss how the oceans are a vehicle of change, whether through commerce or in wartime.

Availability from January 7, 2018. Published in India in the 1920s, this is the first in a suggested serial with Perveen Mistry, Bombay's first woman advocate passionately committed to women's liberties. Availability from January 9, 2018. At first glance, the story is about the inner life of the character, but if you go a little bit further, you will find that it really is a 70 year old portrayal of India.

Availability from January 9, 2018. Published and assembled by Parismita Singh, 21 authors and female performers from north-eastern India come together to investigate the notion of " work " and to tell tales of trades, beerbrewing, motherhood and crap. The book examines different ways of narrating a story - from textiles to pottery.

Here a cross between ancient and contemporary arts and sensitivities to make a new vocabulary that allows the woman to tell the story. Availability from January 10, 2018. It is a compilation of 9 shorts that span hundreds of years and even thousands of years, but are connected by a theme - the battle of the characters with the world. It is a fictional speculation about the various forces - among others the censors, technologies and terrorists - that influence our life in surprising and often perilous ways.

Availability from February 20, 2018. Shukla' s own storybook is partly inspired by real Shuklas own history and covers more than five centuries and three continent. Featuring such funny comedians, a young woman who dies early of pulmonary cancers, and a young man looking for Keith Richards, this novel makes you smile and cry.

Availability from April 5, 2018. The quest leads her on a trip through India and eventually to America. Availability from May 3, 2018. Will there be more books you look forward to in 2018? Please part with us in the commentaries below. When she stopped the Act, she started studying books on business, teaching web designing and working in the field of publicity.

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