Famous Books and Authors in India

Well-known books and authors in India

It' important for aspirants preparing for SSC, UPSC, Bank PO exams. ahatma Gandhi - The story of my experiments with truth. Rawinton Mistry - A fine balance. Yhumpa Lahiri - The interpreter of illnesses. And Arundhati Roy - God of little things.

renowned books and authors

Reasons for the mutiny in India: Sir Syyed Ahmed Khan. East's problems: ------ Lord Curzon. Lord Hardinge. Industrial Heritage of India: ------ R.C.Dutta. S. C. Bose. Poorness & un-British rule in India : ------ Dadabhai Naoroji. Unlucky India : ------ Lala Lajpat Rai.

War of Independence of India: ------ V.D. Savarkar. divided India: ------ Raïdra Prasad. Discovering India: ------ J.L.Nehru.

Twelve excellent books by Hindi authors you need to study.

It is difficult in a vast ocean of books to make proposals that are the best because there are so many. However, when it comes to this, I have noted that less is said about India authors than about other countries. So I chose to refer to the books that have been composed by the authors of India and are a must.

So, here are the books that merit a mention: It is a tale of commoners living in India after gaining independance and looking for a good young man for Lata's family. She is 19 and thinks she can fall in loving you first. This is a must if you've been to a federal agency or work there.

UPAMAYU Chatterjee has shown how things work in an India based company and it is fresh lyophilized. Agastya Sen and how his own lives change when he goes to Madna, a small city. He has also benefited greatly from his own experiences in the India administration to draw a portrait of India in the countryside.

It'?s about tragic events and hopes. It also investigates the whole spectrum of people' s emotions. This novel investigates questions of religious, ethnic, caste, allegiance, corrupt and poor people in India. It is about Balram, who worked his way out of his low class and how he became a success and how he overcome all societal barriers.

Situated in the Garhwal Mountains, it catches the lives of the inhabitants of the villages who are heroes. Essentially, it catches what is happening in a town. He wrote the whole thing by walking into Draupadi's shoe and creating a fully male-dominant epos from a woman's point of views.

Your descriptions of feelings like uncertainty, envy and romance are astonishing. and the Mahabharat. It is essentially a recounting of the epos of India, but it comes within the scope of the satirical politics by dragging parallel to important happenings in the politics of India during the liberation movements and the post-independence period.

It' about the town of Mumbai, India. Bollywood, the live of Bollywood, the live of Hindu and Muslim wrestlers and Hindu Muslim rivals - Mehta has caught all the essential elements. To learn more about the Sikh - Muslim rivality caused by a march laden with corpses that caused hatred, please see this novel.

In the midst of this it is also the tale of a Sikh guy and a Moslem who have fallen in love and whose loves transcend all religious hatred. Playing in the period before Parsi became independent, this volume covers the town of Bombay and its Parsi parish, which are in the minorities. It is an instructive and everyone is looking for something good from the mainstream and very different, give it a try.

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