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Growing Up Bernstein's memoir in the New York Journal of Books. The Convenience Store Woman review: a deeply engaging debut novel. I' m grateful to Sherwin Rosen, who suggested that the JPE reviewed this book and offered many. ((including some people in a nice place called Literary Hub) always ask famously. The Khadija Queen's I'm So Fine : A List of Famous Men & What I Had On se présente comme "A Narrative".

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"Every story, every review and every book I have ever written is an invitation to the individual or people I should have spoken to before I dare to start writing it; I never start a small paper without hoping - and without being afraid, because the meeting can also be awkward - that I am drawing a note that begins: "Dear Mr. Hitchens, you don't seem to realize that...." In this respect, the writership is a collaboration with "the reader".

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The Caitlin Moran has a present - in both short and long forms, in fantasy and non-fiction - that looks like a spell when it ends up in the womb of the right readers. It is a unique, fascinating skill to move a readership and make them smile at the same time, so that they run the danger of getting out of the seat.

She works with this kind of fascination again in How to Be Famous, Moran's successor to How to Buildup a Girl. The reader is joined by Johanna Morrigan, a teenage girl from the Midlands of England, who is moving to London to pursue her musical journalistic careers as Dolly Wilde. There she is taken into a universe of Rockstars, Comics, Partys and especially John Kite, a new famous artist, with whom she is crazy in loooo.

Although they are nearby, their affection is not reciprocated at first, and through a string of quests Dolly is persuaded that the way to bring John nearer to her is to make her own way to the star and tempt him with the strength of her asse. As soon as she gets over it, things for Dolly quickly begin and she has to get to grips with glory and shame and at the same time with the only one she really tries to do.

The story is about how to be famous living or dying on the basis of Moran's capacity to make Dolly a magical, fragile and funny leader through London's mid-90s musical life, and Dolly's charms jump off her side immediately. At the same time, Dolly is painfully funny and painfully open, not only to the readers, but also to the outside worlds in which she tries to find her place, and there is a note that both lets you take roots for her and anticipates her next mishap.

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