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When you ask yourself what the biggest book publishers are, then this list has you covered. He is the proud editor of Gault&Millau Australia! Interview with vegan baker Clara Cakes from Instagram. It is not another coffee table book, but a user-friendly field guide! The homepage of Open Books, a publisher of high-quality fiction, poetry and non-fiction.

Global 50: The world's largest book publishers, 2012

Pearson's involvement in publishers enabled the firm to extend its edge as the world's biggest book publishers in 2011. Reed Elsevier was ranked second in the field of publishers because it had established a dedicated riskmanagement department with no book-related revenues. Hachette Livre's turnover is among the top 10 due to the global slump, with a slight drop in turnover in the USA. In 2011, Grupo Planeta's turnover was also down, and in view of the deteriorating Spanish economy, the publishers are facing a challenging year in 2012.

The weakness of the education markets led to a drop in McGraw-Hill Education revenues in 2011, but the firm remains the biggest book publishers in the US. Bertelsmann's book revenues continued to decrease in 2011 due to the divestment of the Group' immediate businesses, and its book publication efforts are now focused on Random House' commercial book publication businesses.

If Bertelsmann realizes its plans to grow into the education publisher, the enterprise could climb even higher in the upwards. Holtzbrinck, a competitor in Germany, has long had a diverse range of retail, scientific and education real estate and was able to make substantial progress in 2011 by filling the Bertelsmann niche (at least on the publishers' side) and placing Macmillan's mother corporation in 9th place among the world' biggest publishers.

Some 47% of the total sales of the 54 listed enterprises were achieved by the 10 biggest publishers. In addition to the top 10, one of the most remarkable changes among the biggest publishers took place in the first half of 2012, when the Russia's AST publisher (#45 in total in 2011) purchased EKSMO (#54).

Please click on the name of the firm in the chart below to see a list of that firm. Please note: Reader's Digest numbers are revenues for the whole enterprise. In 2011, book revenues were $545 million and $590 million in 2010. The information is on the basis of the revenues achieved in the 2011 calender and for companies with a financial year starting in the 2011 financial year.

The information comes from public resources and includes the sale of literature, magazines and electronic music. Since the publication dates were not available, Pannini, Weltbild and Disney/Hyperion are not included in the ranking. This list was prepared by Rudiger Wischenbart, an internationally renowned publisher under the auspices of Livres Hebdo.

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