Famous Book Critics

Well-known book critics

Michiko Kakutani (NY Times) Janet Maslin (NY Times) Laura Miller (Salon.com) Jonathan Yardley (Washington Post) Several YouTube book critics are heavily involved in the literary community. ""First Photographs of Famous Authors," Inc. This list contains famous literary critics like Edgar Allan Poe, John Updike and more! The Most Famous Man in America : Pages in category "Literary Critics".

Who are some famous book critics? Which methodologies have they used in their review processes?

The New Yorker is an British journalist, essays author and fiction author. Harvard University, a part-time lecturer in journalism, and a contributor to New York Newspaper. It is known for its commitment to an aesthetical view of writing and not to ideological tendencies in scholarly critique of it.

Timber is one of the most important characters in US literature. Kakutani is an acclaimed Pulitzer Prize-winning scholar who is regarded as the United States' premier literature reviewer. Since 1983, the Japanean has been a New York Times reviewer and is known for her fierce critique of celebrity writers, which has attracted both interest and critique.

She' s particularly famous for reviewing the voices of film or book figures, such as Brian Griffin, Austin Powers, Holly Golightly and Holden Caulfield. Nicolas Lezard is a leftist British reporter and literature reviewer for the Guardian. He' s known for his devastatingly sincere book and celebrity review and other favorite subjects.

For the Guardian, he wrote a quarterly magazine entitled "Nicholas Lezard's Choice". A UK reviewer, free-lance reporter and comedian, Craig Brown is writing a book review for the Sunday Mail. He' s known for giving open critiques with a witty turn of phrase in order to appear humorously to his reads.

The Guardian is a UK based reporter and screenwriter. A novel, memory and non-fictionist. HeĀ also is a literature reviewer for the London Review of Buch. He is an independent US book publisher and book publisher for the New York Observer. He has published his work in the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the Guardian and the Financial Times.

He is an Amerindian writer, literature reviewer and editor-in-chief for the New Republic, where he began his writer-careers. In the course of his professional life he has reviewed many writers and writers for various publishers and edited two volumes of poetry, "The Thousand Wells" and "Invasions".

In general, his book review is sincere and provides a real glimpse of what a book's readers can have.

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