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US authors who write about the American experience. Issues based on books and authors are part of the general consciousness department of many state and bank exams. There are some famous books by alcoholic authors. Writing inspired quotes from famous authors. In order to produce a powerful book, you must choose a powerful theme.

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This book ends with an annex of "literary number games", which summarizes some samples and creates several overall ranking lists on the basis of the entirety of the selection of the various authors. If I was a non-fiction loyaltyist, I would like a similar Anthologie of non-fiction favourites - then famous authors could beckon me again and point out the complicated relation between reality and fait.

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Which are some unfamiliar facts about famous textbooks and authors?

Woolf was the grandchild of the writer William Makepeace Thackeray. It was Harriet Beecher Stowe, writer of Uncle Tom's Cabin, who resided next to Mark Twain. Ransome, writer of Swallows and Amazons, got Leo Trotsky's aide. William Burroughs inadvertently killed his spouse Joan Vollmer at a 1951 celebration during a drunk match of'Wilhelm Tell'.

Only three students enrolled at Samuel Johnson's enrolment course, which he opened in the 1730s. One time Lewis Carroll remained up all dark and composed this diagram by William Ewart Gladstone:'Wild Agitator, means Well'. Leviathan (1651), who described mankind as'vicious, brutal and short', was 91 years old.

Suzanne Collins, one of the authors of the children's television programme Clarissa Exlains It All. The poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge entered the military under the name Silas Tomkyn Cumberbatch. Samuel Langhorne Clemens autographed his works with the pseudonym'Josh' before entering into the alias Mark Twain.

Prior to becoming known as a writer, the writer of The Da Vinci Code, Dan Brown, was a popular musician. Crime writer Dashiell Hammett began as a personal investigator; his first case was tracking down a robbed Ferris Wheel. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly was Jean-Dominique Bauby'dictating' his book about his aftermath of a heart attack by flashing his right-eyelids.

While working for Faber, T. S. Eliot liked to put guest authors in fart cushion seats and offered them explosive candies. Ms. Beeton was only 21 years old when she started her book of financial management, which sells 2 million times in the first ten years. In 1946 Enid Blyton's Gay Story Book contained stories entitled "Let's Playing Worms" and "Dame Poke-Around".

One young Samuel Johnson was rejected for lecturing because it was worried that his "way of disfiguring his face" would frighten the students. Thackeray was so touched by the novel Jane Eyre that he burst into tears in front of his butter. Someone in England who drinks a glass of coffee is first mentioned in Samuel Pepys' journal of September 25, 1660.

William Shakespeare's name "William Shagspeare" was written on his 1582 deed. J. D. Salinger once date Oona, the daugther of the dramatist Eugene O'Neill, but she abandoned him for Charlie Chaplin, whom she later remarried. Thirty-six thousand of Mickey Spillane's 1952 novel "Kiss Me, Deadly" were ordered to be broken when the decimal point was omitted from the name.

Biggle's author'Captain' W. E. Johns never reached the status of a skipper - he was only a flying officer. Gaiman's first book was a bio of Duran Duran, released in 1984. S. C. Lewis shaped the term "verbicide" to indicate the murder of a verb or the falsification of its initial meanings.

1862 the Greek crown was given to the author Sir Edward Bulwer-Lytton, who wrote the sentence "The feather is more powerful than the sword". The modernist author Katherine Mansfield was dressed in a funeral gown for her first marriage and abandoned her husbands on the eve of her marriage. Charles Dickens in his novel "Bleak House" shaped the term "Growlery" for a place to retreat to if you feel "without humor".

Though Roald Dahl was planning to do a third Charlie Bucket book, Charlie in the White House, he was dying before he could finish it. In 1956, Michael Bond purchased Paddington Bear; he felt sorry for the bears because he was the only toys on the store shelf on Christmas Eve. To ensure that his editor was aware, Dr. Seuss incorporated the term "Verhütungsmittel" into a design of his children's book "Hop on Pop".

Faulkner was the birth of Falkner; according to one story,'u' was the product of a typo that Faulkner did not want to correc t. His many nicknames include Jeffrey Sing-Song, Obadiah Blue Hat, Betty Blueskin, Penelope Firebrand and The Man in the Moon. The name of the editor of his London poetry was intentionally misspelt by Samuel Johnson, so that the reader would think it was a pirate copy.

Longfellow shaped the phrase "ships sailing at night" and "footprints on the sand of time". He called his colleague, author and creator William Morris,'Deputy Uncle Topsy'. The poet William Ernest Henley was the inspirational figure behind Long John Silver and the sire of the little woman who inspire the figure Wendy Darling.

Mark Twain created one of the first bras in 1871. Willam Wordsworth went to the same academy as Fletcher Christian, the man who headed the Bounty rebellion in 1789. Jane Austen, in a 1800 note, was the first known character to use the term "outsider". The book is too full of allusion.

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