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The most famous of all is Proust's novel In Search of Lost Time. He is one of China's most famous contemporary writers. The three sisters were all famous authors of poetry and novels, born in Yorkshire, a county in the north of England. One of the most important French writers with his historical novels that tell adventurous stories. Are you interested in seeing a more mature side of your child's favorite author, here are some fantastic novels written by renowned children's authors.

Novels: 30 world-famous debut novels

Writers often only become famous for one or two works that have been well credited in their career - even if they already have an impressive collections. It is indeed a happy writer who gains glory and wealth through his first work. Here is a listing of the debuts of world-famous authors, some of whom immediately became famous.

"Scarlet A Study" (1887) - Conan Doyle apparently hates his Sherlock Holmes show, although it brought him permanent glory. This tale, which focuses on a blood-stained room in southern London, shows the famous detective's first film. It was this compilation of his poems (in Russian) that was his first work to be released and which began his literature work.

His work in England, especially "Lolita", gained him greater renown. "TORRENTENTS OF SHING" (1926) - Hemingway's first publication was indeed a satire on a Chicago literary schol. Orwell' s plot shows a clash of civilizations and ideals between white people and their indigenous "charges" in line with his later, political work.

"The We the Living" (1936) - Drawing on her own experience of the Russian Revolution, Rand's first novel sketches the impact of the Russian Revolution on the lifestyles of three characters. Instead of concentrating specifically on policy, the volume deals with the impact of policy on people. "Der Hobbit" (1937) - Although it has become known to grown-up audiences (and audiences of the last films), "Der Hobbit" was initially a children's work.

Based on the magic of reality and antique legend, the volume will take the reader on a trip through the world. "Dahl's first children's novel (a later famous genre), The Grémlins (1943), his début novel was influenced by his experience as a warrior. Throughout World War II, his classmates often accused "gremlins" - on which Dahl based his first work.

"Cry the Beloved Country" (1948) - Paton's first novel deals with the racialism of his homeland South Africa and its impact on the local people. "Catcher in the Rye" (1951) - What would today be called the "Coming of Age" novel is Salinger's first novel more parodies than serious.

"Players Piano" (1952) - As with some other novels of that time, Vonnegut's first novel shows a "utopian" universe dominated by tech. And it also shows people trying to escape from the outside world that they had to stay in. It is a theme that can still be found in several novels today.

Updike' s first released footage takes a closer look at everyday situations. "Goodbye, Columbus" (1959) - A compilation of five brief tales showing the everyday routines of American Jews in their assimilation with their milieu. This novel of the same name deals with topics such as classicism, relations and people.

In spite of her participation in the female movements, she maintains that this is not a nonfeminist work. Morrison in his first novel focuses on a young African-American woman who grew up in the America of the Depression. It is a profound action that deals with the racialism of the time and the protagonist's response to her experience of the world. In 1979, the year of the world' s greatest futures, King's first play with a superpowered character.

"McEwan's famous "The Case Garden" (1978) - more famous for his later works, especially "Atonement" and the like. However, his first novel, later filmed, is a sinister story of four orphaned children wrapping their mother's body in the concrete walls of their shelter. "Healing Archives " (1982) - How many authors did Coelho's glory grow with his later work.

However, his first work was not a resounding hit. It was not well accepted and the script had no effect. "Everyday is Mother's Day" (1985) - Although Mantells is better known for her historic notion ( "Wolf Hall" and "Bring up the Bodies"), her first volume is about something radical different - a psychological lone parent who leads a chaotic lifestyle with her intellectually disabled teenage-girl.

"Heard the Wind Sing" (1979 - 1987) - Murakami's first novel was published in the famous Japan literature journal Gunzo. The first part of the Trilogy of the Rat was published a year later. It is narrated in a first persons story that tells the story of the narrator's relationship with a mystical one.

"In the style of a classical romance, Sparks' novel is about Noah Calhoun and his quest for a former fire. "Palahniuk's 1996 movie "Fight Club" - Palahniuk's début became a legendary icon, but is better known in its movie comic. Unnecessary to mention that the magic wonders came into full effect again with her first work.

"{\a6} (1999) - Mitchell's first novel is a sophisticated weave of fiercely different personalities in one work. "White-Teeth " (2000) - Smith stormed the literature world in this first novel. "Persecropolis " (2000) - Satrapis graphical novel was a great success when it was first out. This is the first written and illustrated work by the author and illuminator from Iran that gives a glimpse into how society is living under a religion - and how it is being treated.

With a mix of more images and fewer words, this is a wonderfully different view of policy. "Not to be mistaken for the Tom Cruise movie of the same name. It also concentrates on the disfunctional character use of masculine movie actors as ancestors.

"In the Kite Runner" (2003) - Hosseini's first novel is played in war-torn Afghanistan in the 1980s.

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