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I spent a week trying to live like famous writers. Many of our readers are classic stories by famous authors. Some of these famous authors are listed here. A number of famous writers were born in Rouen and lived in Normandy, such as Gustave Flaubert and Pierre Corneille, whose works are known throughout the world. Family Authors is a website offering biographies of famous authors.

Well-known authors and their desks

I' d often wish I had a room in which I could compose my work. Unfortunately, the typing world is not always endowed with an quaint forest hut where you can make deep-prosa. They have found out for all authors listed below how they can be extremely efficient regardless of the attitude.

Of course, this photographic essays took a long timeframe, but I really think it's really rewarding. For the first year in a row, you can see more than 100 authors and their study rooms in alphabetical order in one place. Hopefully you like the pictures and are impressed by all their unbelievable clues.

Take part in my free give away and you' ll receive 5 of the best write-related book prizes. Come in to collect 5 great novels about typing. Have a look at more great tips from Georges Simenon. It' time for a commercial hiatus: Most authors I think the main cause why they are dreaming of a desk is because they imagine a holy room that somehow allows them to do their best work of work.

You can download the effectiveness equation free of charge. Do you want to be a writer? To have a shot at winning 5 great games, click here. Would you like to dramatically enhance your typing? Give my free give away for a shot at winning some of the best writers' literature.

Browse other great Stephen King tips. In order to get a face to hit the faces you encounter; It will be case to kill and make and case for all the works and era of the guardians that put a matter on your dish and let it fall; case for you and case for me, and case still for a hundred indecision, and for a hundred vision and revision, William F. Buckley Jr. weary of waste of state?

You can download the Effectivity-equation, a free, concise, highly-tactic eBook on how to dramatically increase your efficiency in text. The grammar ensures that everything you enter is simple to understand, efficient and error-free. Bring your letter to a new dimension.

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