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All hosts/teachers and conference organizers should know before inviting an author to present and donate/sell books. Amazing facts about the writing life. No prerequisites for being an author. It' a picture of Stephen King's son, author Joe Hill. So, without further introduction, here's the Scott Facts page:

Ten things I wish I knew I was a writer I learnt the rough way.

I' ve been sanctified to be a publisher, both through the tradtional agents' trial and through a publisher who led the editorial, commercial and every other part of the books production and I have myself edited where I led every part of the trial. I have learnt from both processes: 1. the publication of the books is about selling....not about your great letter or your marvelous testimonial.

To have a targeted group that buys your work and a great branding approach is the most important part of the book's publication. There' are many, many beautifully crafted ledgers with the most imaginative puzzles, inspirational tales or great advices that don't work. Editors want to resell literature, and self-publishers and independent writers are also involved in the sale.

It' s hard for me to work on my own work, even though I once used to teach English language and write creatively. If you have more than one eye or your work, the better.... don't stick to your letter as if it were high-level, categorized information. It is always better to describe a particular sequence or to establish a dialog than to write a pure novella.

Reread textbooks about typing.... they help. Become a member of our professionals' organisations....even if you only visit one meeting a year or browse through a magazine, you will get to know the sector and become part of a fine work. When you publish yourself, don't pay for PR/marketing companies.... unless you have a massive ad spending and burning cash.

Yes, PR/marketing companies can get you exposition, but they can't sale it. ROI (Return on Investment), especially for new writers without a suitable public, is very low. As soon as you become a bestselling author, you may need a company to take you to the next stage. But if you have yourself released, it is best not to waste your funds with yourselves.

However, if your work has historically been released, you should still be expecting a lot of work for your work. When you believe that you need to invest in some kind of media, you are spending money on publicity with blogs...they are all about reading novels and peoples who adore their sites and are looking for the next best lesen.

Ratings are great for selling books....positive ones are great, but bad ones also help in selling andriting. One of the best gifts you can give an author is to type a short resume (you don't have to be a great literate - a thumb up or thumb down is enough) and evaluate the product on websites like Amazon and Goodreads.

Realistically selling books.... even when it comes to selling, when it comes to advertising, when it comes to communicating. Keep in mind that the vast majority of self-released writers are selling less than 100 books. Some 2,000 to 5,000 new writers with established publisher are selling over the entire life of their work. When you are a publisher, whether you have 20 or 20,000 books for sale, you will always enjoy it.

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