Exciting Short Stories

Thrilling short stories

This book consists of four short stories for children of all ages. There are different stories with great lessons to learn. It' a short story that almost anyone in India could have read. Well, in short, it goes like this. You can enjoy our exciting short stories and immerse yourself in the exciting world of our characters.

Fun short stories - motivations

Incorrect e-mail address: There was a pair going on holiday, but his woman was on a corporate expedition, so he first went to his target and his woman would see him the next time. As he arrived at his motel, he resolved to e-mail his woman. Unfortunately, he made a mistake when entering her adress and his notice was addressed instead to the woman of an older minister, whose man had died the previous deaths.

While the mourning dowager was checking her e-mail, she looked at the screen, let out a penetrating cry and fainted to the ground. My dearest woman, I just got booked in.

Create exciting short stories

Accompany award-winning author Teel James Glenn as she explores the why and what to create exciting, action-packed short stories by exploring the masters' classic stories - and write and criticize her own new masterworks! This course begins with literacy and exploration of classic stories, with each narrative focused on some aspects of the trade - perspective, timing, set up, motivating, taking the meaning or drawing clear, logic actions.

They will then write their own version of some of the classical story and then write their own short stories, lecture their work aloud and give each other sound, affirmative comment. Tales by E. A. Poe, Richard Connell, Ambrose Bierce, Rudyard Kipling, James Thurber, A. Conan Doyle, Saki, O. Henry, R. E. Howard, Guy De Maupassant and others are widely known.

For forty years Teel James Glenn has travelled the globe as a stuntman, battle choirographer, swordsman, couturier, swordsman, jouster, illustrator, story teller, body guard, actor as well as happy home musician. Them' Fighin' Words- a writer's guidebook to write battle scenes" and many more. He' s written stories in over a hundred journals from Weird and Spinetingler, SciFan, Made, Black Belt, Fantasy and Sherlock Holmes Mystery to Crimson Streets and others, as well as stories in nearly a hundred manuscripts in many different styles.

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