Example of Short Story with Elements of Short Story

An example of a short story with elements of the short story

The setting is the place and time of the action. But as we age, we sometimes forget what these stories are about, their key elements or the way they shape our lives as we grow. Plot plot is "what happens" in history. Novels - techniques and examples: The students can raise their hands and give a few examples.

The elements of a short story

So what are the trimmings of a short story? Continue reading to find out more about the different parts of a short story. This will certainly help you to create your own short story in a way that is attractive and easy to remember for the reader. The attitude relates to the place and period in which the story happens, or where and when the story happens.

Do you know the story of the ape and the alligator? This story is set against a backdrop of a rainforest, a riverbank and an evergreen cider. Things in history are known as the action. Usually the action consists of five elements. While this is the most common action, there are other ways to make a story.

You can see the following story in the story of the ape and the alligator. Throughout the story, the story's introductory story lets you know that the ape and the alligator are the figures in this story, and that the backdrop lies in a jungles on a riverbank. This alligator, which tells the ape of his true purpose as he crosses the stream, is the highpoint.

Declining activity is when the ape cheats the alligator and says he had dumped his cardio on the treetree. Dissolution happens when the ape returns to its trunk and gives the cockroach a bit of its cunning! Dispute relates to the fight between two powers, which is the issue in history.

There is usually only one issue or key battle in a short story. It can be between the protagonist in the story and an outside power, or it can be a mental battle within the protagonist itself. The story of a man fighting a man with a beast is an example of the former group.

An example of this is a patient who stops using tobacco because of a diagnosed canker. One very frequent battle in short story and even fiction is between good and bad. Throughout the history of the ape and the alligator, the battle between the ape and the alligator is an outer power that is malign.

Usually there is only one central figure in a short story. That is the'protagonist'. Usually the villian of the story who resists the hero is described as an'antagonist'. The ape and the crocodil is the hero and the alligator is thetagonist in the story "The ape and the crocodile".

It is also used to describe a person's qualities, i.e. their bodily look, thought, feelings, value and behaviour. They are lifelike (like human beings) and consequent in very good story. Position or prospect relates to the corner from which the story is told.

You' re the first one:: The story is narrated by the hero with the pronoun'I'. Readers see what is happening from the perspective of the leading figure and only know what they know or feel. He or she tells the story from all angles, moves from personality to personality and describes the thoughts and emotions of everyone in the story.

The third character or omniscient objective: Here the writer is telling the story in the third character using it. He is a viewer who observes the action and behaviour of the figures in the story, but does not know what is going on in their souls. Authors do not declare the story, readers have to understand it themselves.

History of the ape and the allknowing goal is in the third character. We' re reading what's happening, but we' re not sure what's going on in the characters' heads. Can you imagine what the subject is in the case of the story of the ape and the alligator?

Good luck with your own story.

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