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Sample of a review text novel

One example would be a book review. kumpulan contoh recount text pendek. Others regard the soap as "text" and try it.


This is Mungkin Sabagian Oang Perah milihatnya Wahkan Perah Memboatnya. yaa tac pain thanks tac Buchan alah REVIEW TEXT. Reviewer text Adala Sala Sadu represents those teaches bahasa Inggris (genre) yang Dudujukan Utuk meninjaau Suite Carya Bau Bai ik Buku, Buenda than Lai Tan Lai kebagainya Utuk Misgetahui Kualita, Kelebihan than Kekurangang yang Demiliki Carya Terebut Yang Dudujukan Utukembaca Ptau Bendengar Khalayaak Rabai.

biyanya yoang diijadikan bayan stuk review text dantaranya movies (film), carya seseorang, bouku, dan tentunya mash baniak lagi yoang tilla diiadikan zebagai bayan stuk review text. Direction: A filmic adaptation of the flick phenomenally lascar melangi by and rea hoorata, which takes place in the later 70s. Lazkar parangi is about ten kids living in the villages of Galong, Bhitong, Sumatra Isle.

Comment: The film tells us about the first of the opening of a new grade in primary education has been very stressing for the two excellent teacher, Mrs. Muslimah (cut mini) Mr. Harfan ("ikra negara"). RELIGEARATION: I think the storyline in the film is astonishing because a kid who is very stubborn in the search and quest to win wisdom without realizing how he must venture to accomplish what he had been hoping in ideal, and it is to know there are some scenarios that are not shown on this film this as their blurry fl only a moment and part in it so that for an audiences that for audiences that have never even reread the film will be about the origins of eppp.

Sumnery: the films lascar melangi begins from the lives of the young Ikal, who began his schooling with ten schoolchildren.

Review Text Samples (Contoh-contoh Review Text)

The Avatar is an US sci-fi movie by James Cameron with Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Stephen Lang, Michelle Rodriguez, Joel David Moore, Giovanni Ribisi and Sigourney Weaver. After the movie's hit, Cameron signs with Century Fox to release two episodes, making Avatar the first of a scheduled trunk.

An ex-Navy man by the name of Jake hobbling was chosen to join the Avatar programme and sent to another planetary name of Pandora. At Pandora, a Na'vi strain, live primitives are similar and have the capacity as people. Na'vi strain believes that the advent of mankind's soil as a menace, then burst the warmongering between the mankind and Na'vi people.

Since man cannot breath the world directly on the Pandora planets, Jake was transformed into a character like a Na'vi race to mix. After he met a girl called Na'vi Neytiri, Jake also explores the world of Pandora and falls in love with her. Eventually, Jake faces confusion as he has to choose which side to defend as a determining factor in the destiny of Na'vi and the world.

The costliest movie earns two fingers. Avatar the Movie" by James Cameron invites a great deal of public awe. The Avatar is a semi-real movie, i.e. the part with 3-D animations. Though 3-D animations look cheaper in some sequences, even though they are obviously rendered, but I think it's not too annoying for the movie Avatar as a whole.

In Avatar the movie, James Cameron has rethought the kingdom of films in the game. Now that the public has also rocks with " Titanic"-Film emotivo. It' a great picture? It' a very astonishing picture I've ever seen. It shows me that the best force is the force of it.

She and he have a different message that gives us the strength of charity itself. With this the little woman wants to give him the truest token of affection and make the little man believe that she really Ioves him. It is a story that says that there is a young woman or man who wants to fight to get her or him the right one.

It' easy, but it has a profound significance. Through the use of easy and understandable words, this track has many people. Crazzy Little Thing Callled Love (2010) is a Thai romance film with Fern Pimchanok Leuvisedpaibul (as Nam) and Mario Maurer (as Shone). am is a high scholastic gal who surreptitiously falls in love with her Sr. Shone.

He is a charismatic tenth grader pupil interested in photograph and soccer. Consciously, as a non-dazzling schoolgirl, Nam, with the help of her boyfriends, you try everything to get Shone's allure. In the next class Nam became a nice little schoolgirl. There' s another lovely kid at college, Top, Shone's best mate.

but Nam turned him down because of her affection for Shone. But Shone and Top already agree that they won't be loving the same little one. It is this pledge that makes Nam's devotion to Shone seem impossible. At the end of the year Nam will be continuing his studies in America and Shone will have a soccer carreer.

Nam expresses her feelings for Shone with all her bravery before they parted for a long while. But, unfortunately, Shone was going out with someone. It turns out after this encounter that Shone also has a feel for Nam. There is a very easy plot in this film. Describes the first loves and their kitsch.

Even though the storyline is easy, the narration is unfortunately a little lengthy and takes quite a long, almost two inches. Don't be worried, though, because Nam's metamorphosis may not be dull and can be a refreshment during this soundtrack. Quite a good picture, nothing out of the ordinary, but still fun.

Now that we've seen this film, it's fun to see how every little thing can make us either happier or troubled. Also, it can make someone want to be different, either to suit their lover or to get their spot. So write down every man, say "love" if you like them before it's too late, because there aren't always second opportunities.

Another theme was presented in a movie after Ahmad Fuadi's novel under the direction of Affandi Abdul Rahman. "The Negeri 5 Menara", a Simple Pictures/KG Productions/Million Pictures/IB Perbankan Syariah movie, is one of the films made in Indonesia to teach the public and to show a different perspective of an Muslim educational establishment, known as Pesantras, how to follow the path of tomorrow's prosperity by putting the ghost of'Man Jadda Wajada' into practice, which means that everyone who makes a serious endeavor will be successful.

He is a graduate of a high secondary level and is ready to go to Javan to receive a higher degree in a profane language as part of his dreams of studying at the prestigious technical university in Bandung, ITB. When Alif's mom had another idea for him, she pushed Alif to attend the Muslim schools and to acquire a religion with a contemporary mind for four years before going to university.

Since Alif had no option but not to let his mom down, he goes to a small city in Java, Ponorogo, where he is going to attend the Muslim Pondok Madani Seminary with his family. Then Alif can choose whether the academy is suitable for him or not.

Exposing entirely in a todays contemporary cultural and ethic blend of Muslim life, in Pondok Madani as an Muslim schools, with six college kids and some chapel move in and out of the movies, the flick is something about refreshing for a feeling of inquisitiveness, based on any individual who never know inside of pesantras or Muslim schools aura.

Although the scripts are easy, the dialogs are snappy. There is a good interpretation of the ability to combine contemporary living with Muslim role throughout the work. While Affandi Abdul Rahman considers Fuadi's novel to be a valuable, meticulously managed screenplay that contains all the points, making it into a full-length feature has proven hard, when you read the novel, you can think that a dialog that these six student writers have established is very profound, but in the motion picture it becomes a straightforward discussion.

This is a straightforward suggestion for those who have seen this movie!

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