Example of Autobiography of a Student

An example of a student's autobiography

The following are some examples of autobiographies. After passing the entrance examination at Saint Louis University, I spent my first year as a nurse. At that time I was in the circle of many good teachers and students. Receive your most competitive autobiography essays! With just two clicks you have the best free samples with the themes you need!

Some autobiography examples of seriously inspirational student life

Where would we go without it? This is a series of questions whose responses extend from "drinking Coke" to "dying". Nobody talks about the part in between: the long waiting time to make the best of the small amount of dirty and slimy waters, and eventually give up hoping and then perish.

lndia is a land where one part of the town gets uninterrupted flowing and sipping waters while another has to await them. It is essential for the livelihood of all people. Whilst I was fortunate enough to be part of the town where we were continuously supplied with fresh and clean waters, it was a task that led me to the other side.

All we had to do was spend a whole night in a shantytown and write about our experiences. Entering the area I saw a long line of ladies queuing with tanks at a shared faucet that was delivered daily only between 1 pm and 2 pm. In the space of one lesson, 500 inhabitants of the slums should have enough to drink, eat, bathe and clean.

Aghast, I saw girls running forward, trying to collect every single dribble of moisture and walk away in disappointment because they didn't make it in it. She started crying because she had a sick baby at home, and she couldn't even give him enough to take after him.

She was given a bottled drink, which I carried for myself, which was obviously not enough, but could be used for a while. When I followed her home, I saw her boy curled up in pains and waited for a drink of it. His disease was caused by the sludge that he had used up a few nights ago, because on that date the slums were not provided with mudwater.

Then she went to him and took him in her womb and gave him a drink of hot milk from the vial I had given her with the pill. It was on this occasion that I resolved to do everything possible to avoid a person die of dehydration.

I' d make sure that everyone understood how important it is to conserve and use resources. Every individual has a duty to play his or her part in helping the natural surroundings and their wealthiest resources, namely it. and then the whole wide globe appreciates the value of every single droplet of tapioca, bathing, washing our clothing and throwing hot air bottles at others.

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