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To use an example in a sentence. Sample definition, one of several things, or a part of something to show the character of the whole: The picture is an example of his early work. This is an example that shows how getopt is typically used.

Synonyms example, Antonyms example

For example, the policy would be less enjoyable without them. The man followed her example and sought until he found an empty caves. This one example was an unquestionable and unquestionable achievement. What little effect this example has had on the behaviour of the warrior! In 1868, following the example of his forerunner, Mr Gladstone stepped down.

We must now decide whether the example of our parents will either be an inspiration or a condemnation. and composed this poetry when she passed away. In a nutshell, each of our eyes is focused on you with the anticipation of an example. Wasn' t the crime committed as an example and a reminder to oneself?

It was a college graduate who was on his way to an apprenticeship, and his example was a help to me.

Merriam defines the example

means something that has distinctive features in its class. applicable to any single entity, action or thing that can be presented for illustration or explanation. is used to draw the viewer's eye to an actual or perceived event or situa-tion that is to be viewed, examined or treated.

is for an entity provided as a means of clarification or clarification of a general message. is for a characteristic, representational or descriptive entity or case. means that a part or an entity is taken randomly from a greater whole and is thus regarded as characteristic of its properties. is for each example or each specimen, whether representational or merely present and available.

is for something that is considered or suggested to be imitable. is not for a fake or in some circumstances an imitative or imitative figure, but a caution. proposes a clear and detailled archeotype or prototypes. proposes either a flawless example to be copied or a flawless typing. implying the best possible representation either in the real world or in the concept.

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