Established Literary Agent

Well-established wife

All of them come from an established agency with a solid track record. The search for literary agents feels discouraging, but also writing a book! A lot of you know I'm relatively new to this whole agent thing.

All new vs. established agencies

When I offered a replacement, one of the questions that kept coming up was: "Why should I go with a young and unproved agent?" Although I'm not as verdant as I used to be, the unsubstantiated vs. established agent issue is one that authors should consider very thoroughly when they send out their valuable newborns.

Incumbent agencies have many clear benefits over new agencies - they have more connectivity, often have demonstrable success and simply more general expertise. Your customers probably won't have a question they never had to ask before. More recent operatives, on the other side, are a little more of a wild card.

Now, the only decisive benefit a new agent usually has over an experienced veterinarian is timing. Obviously a new agent can spend more on YOU and YOUR books with fewer customers. That' not to say that an established agent doesn't, but, as with a family that has one or two offspring against those mad homes (my apology if you're from one of them), with 14 juvenile walking around, the concentration tends to be more prevalent.

Similarly, a newer agent can devote more investment in designing a script to something that sells. Whilst this is certainly not always the case, newer agencies are often more involved in technologies such as Twitter, Facebook or even blogging. More recent operatives are also more inclined to build rapport with newer writers who are just as eager to explore large scale jobs and waste valuable free computing resources.

Obviously, a new agent could go up in flames in eight month's time and never be heared of. An established agent usually gives you the trust that he will stay around for a while, even if you are not always at the top of the to-do-menu. Which is more important to you or was more important to you in your own agent sourcing?

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