Essay Writing Courses for high School Students

Writing essay courses for high school students

Newsweek Education Program offers teachers and students the best integrated news education programs in the United States. Writing course for high school students There is a new writing course for students and teachers now available on-line. Write Whatever has been described as "the lack of a writing course" for high school because it closes this gulf between story writing in the intermediate classes and writing expositories in the upscale. Writing Whatever shows students exactly how such details, organisation and styles are achieved by renowned authors as J. K.

Rowling, E. B. White, Ursula Le Guin and Bruce Catton with a one-of-a-kind, proprietary numeration system.

The complete on-line course includes the typesetting, the sales and finally the essay with 60 sessions and over five concentrated video sessions - ideal for mixed classes. To get a sneak peek at the course and order your free Teacher's Guide, please go to!

Summer school writing: Introducing Writing to Colleges

In order to attend the Writing Sommer Institute, you must fulfill the following requirements: Undergraduates who do not fulfil the minimal standards should not enrol and consider other offers for the year. The following easy way to enrol for the Writing Sommer Institute is via the Internet. Entrance to the on-line application of the Sommerinstitut.

Fill in the first page of the on-line application forms by completing all required fields and then selecting "Next" at the end of the first page. Answer all your queries on the second page of the on-line application and then click "Submit". When your submission is completed, you will be taken to the register page where you can choose "Pay Now" to go ahead with the non-refundable prepay.

Proceed with the money orders to book your place in the programme. Your place in the programme is only reserved once the non-refundable deposit* has been paid. If you are not willing to settle after the programme has been accepted, you can file your application forms, unsubscribe and access the programme at another point in order to make the payments, but you run the danger of loosing a place in the programme if the programme achieves the required amount before it can be paid for.

You will receive an e-mail with prompts to download the registry within one hours of you register. Such prepayment will under no circumstance be refunded, inclusive, but not restricted to, dropping for non-payment and payout, even if you cancel before the start of the programme. You will not be asked to pay when the programme is full.

If your registration is approved by the waiting lists, you will be informed by e-mail with directions for your method of pay. When you register after May 1st, full settlement of all charges is necessary, inclusive of the non-refundable down payments, but exclusive of all relevant documentation and IEI charges, to book your place in the programme.

You have already sent the on-line application but need to make a modification or finalize your application? This can be done simply by checking your registry. In order to access the registry, please follow the instructions below: Click here for the application of the Summer Institute. You' ll need your five-digit account number, which has been sent to your e-mail-adress.

Please fill in the following fields, then click "Send".

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