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Hello, I have been a customer for many years and have bought a few items. We have met before at Envato Market Terms. It is nice to see you again and we are very happy that you want to become an author with us. Now, if you become an elite writer, you get a few perks. The management of buyer support requests can become quite a task for authors who sell to many buyers.

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Home to tens of thousand of talented creatives, engineers and engineers who are selling a broad variety of products. To become an author in the Envato community has certain regulatory consequences. Anything that you are selling must be your own source material. Please refer to the Author's Guide to learn what it means to be an author.

Where can I find my products? First login or login to your Envato Markets profile and go to the authors page. AudioJungle is priced by the Quality Team on the basis of the article's level of detail and fair value in accordance with the price policy.

GraphicRiver, ThemeForest, CodeCanyon, 3-DOcean and PhotoDune are priced at the author's option. You can find further information on author-based price determination for specific catagories under Determining Fees for Author-Driven Prices. Quality team may not be able to authorize your products if they do not meet our content needs and Uploading policies or are otherwise unfit for purchase and are tender or harshly refused.

Please note: All products on Envato Markets are reviewed annually. When your article does not passed the check, you will get an e-mail and it will be deactivated after 30 workdays. Selling one of your products earns you a percent of that selling. Your earnings vary depending on whether you are an exclusiv or non-exclusive author and your overall selling size.

The proceeds will be paid into your Envato Market account. The money can be used to buy Envato Market products, or when your winnings have reached $50.00, you can claim a withdraw. If you are an author, you must observe the following statutory provisions: If you sell an article, you agree with the client that you own full copyrights and that you may have correspondingly licenced additional contents.

Every illegal sale has serious repercussions and Envato will take infringements of copyrights very seriously. When a work infringes copyrights, the author's bankroll is blocked and the money is froze. You are kindly requested to thoroughly review the guidelines on copyright: Which is the copyrights and how can they be violated? Protect your copyrights as an author.

Please note: Envato Market is licensed share-backed. That is, if you are selling an article on one of the market places, you grant the client a licence to use this data in a certain way. The author retains title to the object and can resell any number of licences.

For further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Envato Author Support Team. Where is Envato Elements used?

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