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Evening course in London to help you write confidently in English. The Plain English Writing Skills course teaches how to simplify contracts, reports, legal documents, research statements and other writing. Register now to unlock all courses in the Writing section.

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This course is designed for Romanians who are already a fluent speaker of English but want to talk more clearly and be more effective in speaking English on specific subjects. An overview of some frequent mistakes made by mother-tongue Romanians. Email Typing Exercise - Contact a prospective new customer.

Discussing different typing style for different uses. Born in the UK, Mark is an authority on Romania's historical background and received his Ph. D. from the University of London in 1997 (specialising in British-Romanian relations). Since his first visit in 1988, he has been intrigued by Rumanian language and literature.

Mark is teaching English for commerce at KPMG, using his understanding of Romania's linguistic and culture to target his classes specifically at mother-tongue Romanians and to address the linguistic problems and different cultures of written communication in Romania in comparison to the English-speaking area. She studied Modern Languages at the University of Bucharest and is proficient in English and several other foreign langua-ge.

She uses everyday in her work by communicating verbally and in written form with customers and co-workers on difficult subjects related to Romania and the world. She has an outstanding command of British language, terminology and styles and complements Mark Percival's mother tongue ability by detailing engineering problems.

May 16 mai - R├ędaction en anglais simple pour la formation Web

Aimed at authors, journalists or critics who are new to or wish to refresh the English language version of their work. Students will probably need to post texts, messages or contributions to their website through their organization. This course is also useful for other employees who want to improve their skills.

The course uses a mixture of presentations, pertinent case studies, discussions and tutorials to familiarize students with the advantages and skills of basic English when typing or checking web contents. This is an informative and regularly scheduled course with FAQ. We' ll use samples of contents from the own web pages of some of our members.

Please note: This course focuses on simple English typing.

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