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The patented grammar software and proofreader allow you to write English like a pro. If you are looking for English learning software, and not primarily writing instruments, Rocket English may be right for you. High quality academic help through professional paper and essay services. Writing business English, vocabulary and grammar enrichment software for Windows. Which writing software is available to help British writers?

Style Writer 4 Simple English Writing Software

With StyleWriter you are a better author - we promise. StyleWriter is downloaded by tens of millions of people every single months to create copy, annual report, contract, manual, newsletter, or website. It is also used by professionals and authors to refine their writing styles. The StyleWriter is one-of-a-kind. StyleWriter was developed by authors and professionals in simple English and combines the skills used by the best authors to help you type in a clear, succinct and legible way.

Any other writing aid is a correction tool, usually a check for orthography and philology, and not much more than what you already have in Microsoft Word. The StyleWriter suite combines a variety of utilities to help you enhance your styles and legibility. His correction utilities find many mistakes that are overlooked by the Word orthography and philology check.

And you can even customise your own correction and edit controls with it. StyleWriters editorial tips show you how to turn your writing into a clear, succinct and professionally written type. StyledWriter emphasizes sentences, complicated words and aconyms and shortcuts so you can type in a jargon-free language. Using a groundbreaking 200,000 level wordlist, StyledWriter provides powerful stats and reviews that you can use to become a better author.

The only writing tool you can fully customise to your needs. Organisations can computerise their current housestyle policies. You can choose from 20 writing assignments and three audiences, which include academics, advertisers, legal texts, memoirs, and more. Default eLearning application. Process a file.

However, 90 per cent of the work an Editor does is an inexpensive alternate to employing an Editorial. extensive data base with known stylistic problems. If you use our free evaluation version of StyleWriter, tell us that it changes the way you use it. After using our test software, many companies buy more than 1,000 licences to modify their employees' internal communication with collegues and clients.

To get these organisations to spend $100,000 to $250,000 on software to enhance their writing styles, the programme must be amazing. Get our 14-day free StyleWriter evaluation version. You can use the three different versions Starter, Standard and Professionn. The StyleWriter - not only proof-read your documents, but work on them like a pro.

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