English Writing Skills course

Writing English course

Students should have an advanced level of English, which will be tested before the course starts. Writing skills for paralegals. Enhance your written English skills for work, study and life. Booking an English test now.

Writing Effectively 1

Candidates must fill in the application form SF26. Please do not hesitate to ask our registration centre team. Course fee for all open classes (courses registered on a first come, first serve basis) and select award-winning programs can be billed via PPS over the intranet.

Candidates can also use VISA or MasterCard to make the payment for the course on-line. For more information, please visit the School' website's On-line Services page. In the case of general and shorter classes, the course price may have to be paid in bar or by EPS, Visa or MasterCard if the course is to begin soon.

The school will only reimburse the fee if the course is cancelled in special cases (e.g. due to inadequate registration). Exceptionally, charges that have been made out in money, EPS, check or PPS (for on-line payments only) will normally be refunded by check, and charges that have been made out by plastic cards will normally be refunded to the cardholder's plastic cards bankroll.

There may be extra charges for some programs in excess of the charges posted. If you have any questions, please contact the respective program teams. Tuition and study places cannot be transfered from one candidate to another. As a rule, such a copy is only made out at the end of a course.

This school provides a plattform for on-line service for a select product offering. In no event shall the School (and its applicable staff and subsidiaries) be responsible for any losses or damages related to on-line transactions made by you due to (i) default, delays, interruptions, suspensions or restrictions in the transfer of information or messages from any bank and/or third parties' merchant gateway for the purpose of handling credit/debit/smart cards or other facilities for facilitating transactions;

negligent act, fault, erroneous act or neglect of information or messages sent by said Payments Gateway; (iii) fail, dysfunction or disruption of these Gateway in the execution of on-line payments services; or (iv) anything arising out of or in relation to said Payments Gateway, except but not restricted to unauthorized accessing or alteration of the transfer of information or any illegal act that is not inadmissible.

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